When a door closes, somewhere God opens a window

This is true especially in the life we are born into and the life we create.  The circumstances of our birth are beyond our control.  We can't create the type of parents we want, or the childhood we wish we had.  From the moment of our birth that door is closed.

The view from the window however is spectacular.  As we grow and have our own children we can choose to go to the window of better that God opens for us.  For our children we can write a new story, a love story of hope, joy and abundance.  Circumstances are often beyond our control.   Our reaction is our only power.

This morning, Taylor is recertifying for her Red Cross CPR class.  Corey and William are working together outside.  Some of our schoolwork is completed and some will keep until this afternoon.

Some seedlings for the garden are started, the soil has been turned.  The house is clean and smells like spring.  The breeze blows through the quiet of the house and Pachelbel is playing softly on the stereo.  The birds delight in all our freshly filled feeders, the cat paces by the window or naps in the sun on the deck. 

Everywhere I look there is beauty, growth, quiet miracles.  All things are being made new again.  It soothes my soul.  It restores my faith, in gives me strength and hope. I think I could lay down by some green pastures and walk beside still waters, if you get my drift.  It's good.

It wasn't by accident that this life is mine to enjoy.  It was part of a plan, a plan I chose to join in, to co-create with my Lord and Savior. 


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