Yard Sale from...

...hell. Okay aren't all yard sales really that way?

I have dabbled in simplicity. Dipped my toe in the cool waters of minimalism. But this weekend I am doing a belly flopper in the deep end of the K.I.S.S pool. (Keep It Simple Stupid) It begins with the deepest cleaning, most thorough tossing, biggest pain in the butt yard sale ever!

Actually it was supposed to begin today, but I wasn't ready and so I hid under the covers and at my desk while the eager yard sale shoppers rang my doorbell from 7 am - 10 am. Just because I advertised it in the paper!! humph ppl.

I am like a woman obsessed - EVERYTHING MUST GO! If I could get a big blow up gorilla for the roof of my house, I would. It ends this weekend.

The next 5 days of this month will continue to see endless Freecycle offers, trips to the Catholic Resale shop, and listing after listing on eBay. I begin August 1st a new woman. Thinner and simpler in every aspect of my life.

As I have walked around this house, yard, and garage I made a point of touching everything and thinking about it. Do I need it? Want it? Do I want to dust it? Move it? Clean it? Repair it? Patch it? Sew it? Build it? Craft it? Srapbook it? Read it? Wear it? Why do I have it?

I want what we need. I want what we really,really want. Not the little impulsive wants but the bigger wants. We want new lives. We are ready to trade in this one.

We want many more hours of family fun. We want dad to change jobs, stop traveling and do what God meant for him to do. He has a job, a career that supports our family well but this is not his dream. Does he have to work forever and never explore his own passions and purpose? No.

We want a big fat savings account. We want weekends free from chores, yard work, organizing and reorganizing, repairs, and projects. We want dates, fun, travel, and to soak up every good thing God gave us with our children, who are growing up too fast.

We have spent too long saying YES to impulses and NO to the deepest longings of our heart. We, I, cannot be satisfied with this another day. God made us extraordinary and has great plans for us. We have to get on board with his big plans and stop settling for the petty pleasures of the moment and of this little world.

It's the yard sale from hell, because I came to see all this clutter, all this junk as the work of the enemy. A thousand distractions that were keeping us tethered to a small way of thinking. A mindset of waste and excess that is not God's plan for our family. I looked across a garage of clutter and said, "Jesus, forgive me for being such a poor steward of your blessings."

I will do better.

Make me an offer I can't refuse!

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