Time to make the donuts

So we began to pick the school pace back up a bit this week. What a sluggish start we are having! This is precisely why I am opposed to long breaks--- argh!. We have essentially done no bookwork for about 3 weeks or so and it shows.

It seems to me to be principle of discipline. If a lawn goes unkept for an extended amount of time it is a great deal of work just to get back to where it was when one finally gets back around to it. You also cannot use that amount of time to improve it, because so much is wasted on maintenance. Am I right or am I right?

When you waste money you not only lose the benefit of the money, the potential savings but you also lose the interest you would have earned had you done something wise with it.

This reminds me of the parable Jesus told about the talents, Matthew 25:14.

As I reflected on that wonderful lesson in stewardship I could not help but feel convicted about how it applies to the gifts of my children and their education. Ultimately my mission and ministry is to return them to Jesus, teach them of their God. But is that all God is calling me to do? I know it's nothing to sneeze at, but does God want even more?

Is that merely handing them back to God as the last slave did? Is that all He expected me to do with them when I know He created them for great things? I don't think so. I think God uniquely equipped me and I don't think He will be too happy with me if I don't call my children to use ALL their gifts, all their heart and soul to become what He created them to become.

To achieve this lofty goal we must use all our time, all our talents and we must work and pray without ceasing. I don't think He means for me to take the summer off.

Whether He means for anyone else to, well I don't know, if you want me to ask for you I will :)

For me, these long breaks whether by accident or design always leave me catching up and regretting the lost time.

Alright, time to make the donuts...

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