Great weekend

This was the most amazing weekend. Truly, truly wonderful. We worked and stayed active all weekend and it felt like it lasted forever. Instead of shutting down tonight wondering where did the time go, it feels like a long, long weekend.

We accomplished so much, but rested and relaxed more than we have in ages. We managed a great yard sale and Stu was awesome, totally on board and in a good mood even during the process. Two floors of my house are darned near perfect. Easy, simple, understated, serene, pretty, clutter FREE. When I say 2 floors I mean every drawer, ever corner, every closet, every nook, and if we have crannies they are good to go too.

The basement is largely cleared out but will take a few hours to finish before I can begin painting. I feel a hundred pounds lighter. I was actually dancing around my house today - felt like a million bucks.

Steve checked off a dozen or so little projects off the honey do list and we made time for each other. We had coffee and watched Fox News Sunday.

Tomorrow we start back on a more full time school schedule, I have a busy work week, and more around the house to complete.

It feels so good knowing we did our best and we are making progress, getting closer every day to our greater goals.

I can't wait to start a fabulous week tomorrow! So exciting.


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