No place like home

Sorry if the blog seems monopolized by bird talk but Horton eats constantly!

Little droppers like every 20 minutes. Jinkees, how I am I gonna feed this booger all night? This may be where the whole saving Horton thing falls apart.

I have had a good day. I felt really good today. I even took the steps at a brisk running/climb. It's been weeks, since April, that I've been able to do that!

I got lots accomplished, and just felt good. I like good days.

On the flipside of the coin, I know that the difficult days will be back. The wheelchair stand ready to claim me in the closet. I wish so much I would never relapse. What would it be like to feel physically good all the time? I think back to when I did feel good and I know I still complained and moaned about aches and pains.

I know it probably sounds morbid but I was praying about this tonight and thinking you know at least I have these good days. I know I have plenty of good days to come. There are plenty of people with no good days to look forward to at all. People with terminal illness as opposed to chronic.

I was thinking about the Power of Praise (book I read courtesy of Carol) and how there is blessing in pain. For those who have never experienced pain they truly can never appreciate what it feels like to be pain free. Those who have never experienced poverty can't appreciate the feelings of warmth and safety. Those who have never known what it is like to feel God's grace surround you and keep you alive can not possibly appreciate the gift of life the same way as those who have almost lost it.

It isn't a competition. But I know God will draw us continually closer to Him and the more of the spectrum we live through the more we come to know the heart of God. The better we will appreciate the gift of life of everlasting life.

I am continually reminded of C.S. Lewis and what he wrote that echoes in my mind at all times. This is not our home. We are immortal creations destined for our true home with God. This existence shouldn't be too happy or too comfortable because it is not our home.

For today the clouds peaked through and a little of the old me shone through, it was good to feel that way for how ever long it lasts.

Now, a bit more dog food for Horton...

May God truly bless you tonight.

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