Wearing your heart on the outside

In case you hadn't seen - this was the result of Corey's accident. Scary huh. He had his sealtbelt on, dutifully, he wears it and is very responsible on this point, even if he didn't master the concept of a 2 second following distance. Thank Goodness.

His Auntie Jen came to his rescue and returned him home after. I was stranded, what with him having wrecked our only car at the time.
we showed him. We bought him this VW Jetta.
Kidding aside, having them learn to drive is the most frightening time in the world. It's like wearing your heart on the outside. He pulled away a few minutes ago in the pouring down rain. I said what I always say,
"Hail Mary, full of grace...Mother my children when I am not with them, and ask your precious Son to keep and protect them from harm.

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