to break or not to break?

The traditional school year is winding down but we won't be taking off the whole summer. I understand that need for the break. I've needed it - I've taken it, whatever works and it changes every year. But in recent years I have come to prefer to take that precious down time in April, October and December. July and August are miserably hot, Jan and Feb icky and cold. We can spare a few hours a day when it's hazy, hot and humid or snowy and cold. Give me spring, fall and Christmas!

The other truth too is that our schooling method and schedule is not traditional so I have a hard time justifying the (traditional) months off when in my heart I know we didn't kill ourselves the rest of the year. We take it all pretty easy.

It's like driving a stick shift - we have about 5 gears. We go through all of them and sometimes it's neutral or even reverse. Ah well.

In principle I am opposed to long breaks from learning. It implies we start and stop learning,which ya'll know isn't how I roll. We may stop and start certain textbook subjects but learning, reading, etc. does not stop. I think habits and discipline also don't take looooongg breaks and probably aren't formed well if a 1/3 of the year is taken off from them.

I am very happy to report Taylor is about 3 weeks into her 9th grade work! William is finishing the 2nd grade - mom is not counting the days to quit, mom isn't on verging on a breakdown.

I cleaned, sorted and organized our books today! Love it! Out with old, in with new - made notes for what we need to do next, did some lesson planning for summer. I listed some stuff on that we aren't going to use. I pulled some books we are going to read this summer for the book box. Only William has a book box now really. Taylor tears through them, Corey is done except for exams. I'll talk about that in another post. I have my list of things to get and it's SO short. It's like 3 items LONG!! yeah!!!!

The next project this week, is my assessment of our work for the year. I am making notes as I of work completed, books read, and recording Math and Science grades, on paper which will probably get lost before I do anything concrete with it.

There is a truck load of stuff to do around here. You know a couple weeks ago, I had 5 yds of mulch delivered. It was dumped in my driveway and it smelled a lot like...well, manure. That pretty much describes everything. Laundry, and mopping up muddy paw prints, pantries that need straightening, a garage to clean out. yeah, yeah I'll get there eventually.

I am continuing the quest for Simple. I made serious progress today. progress. It doesn't have to be done, just better.

My classroom, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen have to be squared away. When they aren't then I'm uneasy. They aren't always clean - ha! But those are the areas I'm realizing I need to focus on for my own peace of mind.

Back to business!

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