pup pups

These are the foster pups we fell in love with. Max, Biscuit and Chewy. We thoroughly enjoyed despite the work and mess that they made occasionally.

If you are not able to take on a dog full time or if you aren't sure how your famil would do. I encourage you to foster for the shelter.

Even the best shelters are still very stressful for the dogs - it's loud, and scary for little ones. Dogs that have been fostered have a lower return rate, and they make better pets.

It's always difficult to let them go. Maggie is proof we aren't always great at it, but there is something so comforting about caring for a little one. They sleep, snuggle, play, discover and love you.

For children it's a tough lesson in sacrifice. Doing what is best for another, even when it hurts. Loving something enough to do the right thing.

Yes, it would be easier if we never did this fostering thing, but I take my job very seriously as M.O.M, and no one said it would be easy.

Fostering puppies is a wonderful opportunity to have your children stretch themselves,sacrifice and give for something that is helpless. It builds their character, it builds relationships between siblings when they have to work together to care for them, and when they share in the joy of them together as well. It's also short lived unlike the responsibility of a full time pet.

It's great preparation, a bit of a reality check to see if they can handle the task.

We've fostered many pups - I miss everyone of them. We like to look at pics and tell stories about them.

From this litter, Max was the Trouble-maker (there's one in every bunch), Chewy, well he chewed on his babies, the bedding, and his brothers. Biscuit was the best. Biscuit was cool to us, he seemed unengaged. Then he began to be a bit food aggressive and come out of his shell, playing, etc. He became the very best one of all. He needed a little submission cuddling now and then, but then he became so sweet. Taylor is on record with the opinion that Max was the best.

I miss the pup-pups but don't worry this is not the time for us to open our home again. I get it.

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