Is everyone asleep?

My gut tells me Sarah Palin will once again be moving into the national spotlight. No, not because her daughter, Bristol has seen the folly in her actions and is now talking abstinence but because Korea can actually hit Alaska with a nuclear weapon.

I feel sometimes as though I am in a strange movie. Everything is moving in slow motion around me but in my reality all hell is breaking lose.

People are just going about their business as if they have not a care in the world. North Korea fired nuclear weapons. North Korea announced they no longer honor the 1953 Treaty that ended the Korean War. HELLO!!!!!!! Does anyone know what that means? That means they have re-declared War on US! We are once again at WAR with Korea. We have troops a stone's throw away from North Korea.

Where are they getting their materials? Iran. Ahmeddinnerjacket who wants our destruction and the destruction of Israel? The same guy Barack "the Braniac" Obama thinks we can reason with is arming an enemy of the US. Oh of course we don't have the facts straight and there is no Axis of Evil like George Bush said. Idiots! GW called the ball, history will prove it, and the damage and death toll will rest squarely at the feet of B.O.

We need proof right, how can we establish the link? Nancy Pelosi says the CIA lies, so who will believe them? She is 3rd in line to the highest office in our nation and she doesn't trust the CIA, so ho in the hell do we gather intelligence the world will believe? And then there is the pesky problem of not being able to interrogate aggressively to get that info in the first place, that here again, our beloved leader and his cronies saw to recently.

We are neutered and we are still going to get screwed.

So when N. Korea fires upon us it will likely be against Alaska, just as Sarah Palin said, and she will be dealing with the defense of her state.

Why not consider what the Governor of Alaska thinks? Alaska is invaluable to the US. If Governors aren't important why is the Govenator (Arnold) always in D.C? Why is every word that he utters national news? Speaking of him why doesn't he write a check and bail out his state anyway? Or maybe the Kennedy's could? Maria? Check please?

So the Administration calmly described this rejection of the Armistice Agreement as blustering, and told Americans not to be concerned. I don't buy it. I think they are freakin' the hell out. Obama may look like a cool player but there are people who realize what just happened and sooner or later they will get Obama's attention.

Americans said upon hearing his powerful reassurance, "uh, unkay! Make that a large #8 with a diet coke" and they resumed texting while driving.

This is NOT fear mongering. This is reality and it ain't pretty. Reality liberals do not have the stomach or strength to cope with.

I have to wonder if when people wake up they will think it wise to give him 8 yrs?

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