A good read for Geek Parents

I love this book! I saw an interview with the author on EWTN. I am definitely bringing up geeks but I may have missed a few opportunities and made same mistakes.
I couldn't agree more with the assertion that we must limit and filter the access our children have to the culture and it's negative influences. She is very clear about peer focused living and I am SO with her there too.
She opposes cell phones for example. I agree. But I realize how even that was a slope I almost didn't navigate well. My older children received cell phones much earlier than I intended so that I could maintain reliable contact with them when they made their visits to my ex's. Since they had them my youngest 8, wanted one too. I toyed, against my dh better judgment with the idea of giving him one. I had the extra firefly phone, dad travels, it's not expensive, what's the harm I started to reason. Thankfully, two dear friends who have also held strong against the cell phone fad told me I was insane and along with my husband's guidance we opted not to indulge in a cell phone for an 8 yr old child. What was I thinking?
Among the many areas I applaud Marybeth, is on tv and movie restrictions, staying home, and helping kids find their passion. I also was fascinated by a new understanding of the tween concept. First came the teen, now it's tween. There was no such word as "teenager" until a few decades ago. You were a child, then an adult, period. The idea of this middle area was a creation of marketing. When the market realized these children were beginning to become consumers it created a niche for them, and products to feed it. It was the real beginning of fads and fashions. No surprise it coincided with media, color television, movies, and music.
Parents are constantly being influenced into purchases by their children. Auto manufacturers build cars that kids will want their parents to buy. Can you imagine your grandpa consulting your 10 year old mom or dad about the family's largest purchases? Clothes, homes, electronics, game systems, everything is increasingly influenced by children. Creating the concept of the "tween" has opened a new marketing avenue - Justice clothing for girls, Libby Lu, Disney programming - they are even making a Tween Dora the Explorer.
In this area I feel a little suckered. We own the video game systems, but we don't have a dvd in the van. We have one family computer, but William has a hand me down MP3 player.
In my decision to live more simply this book is coming at exactly the right time. Getting consumerism in check, and always, always guarding against the culture. It's critical.
While this book may not be eye opening for some homeschoolers in it's mission to raise Geeks, it's filled with good reminders, good ideas, encouragement, support, and like me you might realize you have only narrowly avoided the slippery slope.
By the way -GEEKS =
Genuine, Enthusiastic, Empowered Kids
Good Read :)

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