We now return to our life

This is more like it.

A calm, relaxing day. The children have worked and read, and we have spent the entire day together. A workout with Taylor at the gym this morning a bike ride with William in the afternoon. A hot nutritious lunch, music lessons, games, and many, many hugs. Cleaning out the refrigerator while they sit and do math at the bar, the sun bright and shining. Beethoven on the cd player and then a good book. An hour reading together on the sofa. I look out across the rest of the day that stretches before me and it shines with possibilities and promise. We may stop by the park, we plan on burning leaves with a magnifying glass, and we need to fill the feeders. William wants to make a squirrel feeder for the chipmunks and squirrels that keep visiting the window in the classroom.

We're working on his Mass Project for his First Communion preparation and I would love to clock some serious time today in my beloved hammock. Taylor and I are doing Yoga at some point too.

There is a calm, a pleasant, sense of relief radiating from my children knowing that we have stepped off the hamster wheel.

I am so blessed. So blessed that the children enjoy being together and being with Steve and I. There is no one's time or attention they desire more.

And so begins the return to a Charlotte Mason way of life, atmosphere, discipline, beauty, love, joy, peace, fun...home/school.

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