there ARE enough hours in the day

My beautiful girl is sitting on the porch playing her guitar. William is doing sidewalk chalk, I'm making cookies, and we are taking a short walk before the sun sets. Corey is watching a movie with me while I make the cookies (I think he is hovering waiting for the first warm cookie.)

We made it to the park, but we didn't burn leaves. We stopped for a McD's ice cream cone. The kids agreed we need to make some homemade ice cream this weekend and cookout. Maybe have a nice campfire in the yard.

I even stopped after lunch for my noon prayers and then a quick nap - just 45 minutes.

In case you are thinking I am either lying or crazy, I get up around 7 am. We were at the gym only 10 minutes away before 7:30. We worked out for 35 minutes on cardio and headed home. By 8:30 I was home and showered. We started school by 9 am. Mostly finished by lunch, dabbled and now it's almost 7 pm. Amazing how much time there actually is in a day.

I am truly going to stop saying there aren't enough hours in the day. God made the day. He made the week. He made it perfectly. He intended there to be time for work, play and rest and always enough time for worship. Perhaps He has different ideas about how to spend my time than I do...or did. I want to syncronize my clock to God's time and stop trying to squeeze God only into the tiniest breaks in the week.

I have priorities: God, my family, our home, homeschooling and my work. Each involves work, play, rest and worship. If something is asking for my precious time it must fall into those priorities or I must reject it.

How is it I can say with a straight face there is no time for exercise? cleaning? dates? play? quiet? naps? prayers? It's a lie. It's one of those lies we all say with ease, like when we tell people we are fine or too busy to think. We're not. Either we are choosing the wrong things, we aren't strong enough to resist temptations, or we just want what we want.

Why did I perpetuate this lie upon myself? Did it make me feel important? Did I feel guilty if I was just sitting still? Was the reality or truth too clear if I slowed down? I can't blame it on society, or any other garbledy -gook. It was me, my ego, my guilt, my impatience, my desire to keep moving in the hopes that sickness, aging, changing seasons of life or fatigue wouldn't catch me. It doesn't work for me anymore.

As usual if I just quiet the noise and slow down God will lead me.

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