on the seventh day...He rested

and here in Illinois...it rained.

I have come to love the rain. I really think I could move to the Northwest now. I can't wait for July and my visit to Washington.

The birds are bathing and preening. All the windows are cracked and the smell of the spring rain mixed with the gentle trickle of raindrops is soothing. I was sitting on the porch drinking my coffee just taking it in and I thought I would fall asleep.

Here I am again. Loving my home. I love, loving my home. When I am frustrated with it, it's only because I'm neglecting it. Like fussing at the computer for messing up or being too slow. It's that way because there are too many pics of Jonas, Skillet, and Green Arrow on here. It's not the computer's fault.

Laundry downstairs will not be nearly as relaxing or centering. But it must be started before we leave for Mass.

I miss my husband. He will be home soon, but not soon enough. This busy travel season is difficult. I'm still feeling very weak, but okay. I hope you enjoy this day of rest.


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