They say that catching up is hard to do...

Corey wrapping things on my "to-do" list like finishing old Biology labs. William was horrified.

School pics 08-09

yep, they are homeschooled folks

The Senior!

Taylor and friends doing their CPR and Babysitting Certifications

Beware the Homeschoolers!

Christian the Lion

Anna, was thinking of Jesse and thought he would enjoy this!


Sharing this blessing!

I have to share this. I am loving my Simply Fun business more than I could possibly describe. I feel as though God has been moving toward the preparation for this my whole life.

I remember how much I enjoyed working back in my previous life. Then, however I was horribly torn because ultimately though I enjoyed my work- I wanted to be with my kids all the time, which is why I came home 11 years ago and began homeschooling.

This opportunity has been like the very best of both worlds for me. I feel like Hannah Montana! Seriously though, there is a little more giddy-up in my step. I am making very good money, I am doing something I enjoy and I am feeling really successful. Aside from asking for a little more help around the house from the family, I have not had to compromise my priority of being home, homeschooling and being a wife and mommy full-time. I would not hve thought it was possible to have this kind of fulfillment.

Exciting things are happening for me in my business. I want to share them here with you along the way as well as all the other things on heart like faith, dogs, and laundry. I hope when I do you will accept it as sharing and not as some sales pitch. It's a part of my life, an important life changing part and I am so grateful to be able to talk about it.

The first thing I want to share is that I made some really good money in my first 6 weeks, over a thousand dollars in a few shows! I was able to finally have some much needed dental work done and I feel great. For so long it was at the bottom of the priority list. I was able to do this without guilt, without putting a financial strain on my family.

The second most important thing is my mom, Marcella, called me up and said, "sign me up." I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see her step out of her comfort zone this way. She is the original. She is smart, funny, a total people person and others genuinely enjoy being around her. She has worked in the past but is coming out of her "retirement" to make some money and do something good for herself. She will accomplish whatever she wants to do. Love you mom!

Mom's niece in Las Vegas, Michele was next to join my team and start her own business. She is a devoted Christian homeschooling mom of three boys so I know she is a hard worker who can multi-task! She has a real entrepreneurial spirit and is committed to building a viable business for her family. She is already focused on building a team, and working hard. I have no doubt she will reach her goals.

I also added my first dynamic duo, Bill and Selina. Also wonderful Christian homeschoolers!They have chosen to start their business as a couple and work it as such. I think this is brilliant! They are a devoted couple with a close-knit family. It's a perfect fit for them and I think they can do very well. There are several very successful couples working their business this way.

I am hand picking my team. These are folks I hope to be working with and supporting for a very long time. I couldn't be more proud of their enthusiasm and determination.

This month SimplyFun is doing something very special. The kit which normally costs $169 can be paid in 2 payments 1/2 up front and the other half 30 days later. And, if you sell $1000 in the first 30 days (I sold almost $3000) then you don't even pay the second payment. Let's be frank the economy is in the tank. The cost of everything will be going up (I'll be posting on the soapbox about cap & trade and how that will cost every American a small fortune- soaking any rebate you might get and then some). This is the time for families to be re-evaluating their priorities, their values and how they spend their hard earned dollars. People are spending their weekends with friends as opposed to going to the movies and dinner for $75. The SimplyFun mission is striking a chord with families. The products are hot, a great value and now SimplyFun is making it easier than ever to start your own business too.

I am so excited and love this company, this has been so good for me. If you know anyone that wants to make a viable income, wants to do something they can believe in, and work with strong Christian women and men. Tell them to call or email me. I am committed to seeing our country return to strong family values, live within their means, turn off the tv and raise their children. We are going to take back our kids one family at a time. I'm building a team that can do it and I could not be more blessed.



Pet update

No fish babies yet

3 foster puppies

3 jealous dogs

1 hamster we haven't seen for a week

3 male cardinals at the feeder and one indecisive female (not really pets)

I know you have been holding your breath to hear about the pets :)


# of Days the Laundry has been completely caught up - 7