What are..."Things Robin wonders about before she goes to bed" for 500 Alex

Would people who worship games be offended if I called myself the Game Goddess? Do people worship games? Should Game Goddess be capitalized? Will people think I actually believe I am a goddess? Will merely using the word goddess in this post make all kinds of weirdo mythological worshippers find me through a Google search? Do people still worship Zeus?

I know what you are thinking...no this is a PM post.

These are just questions I am pondering. Like why can't I find an anchor that actually STAYS in the wall? Why does food that is really bad for you have to taste so good?

How long is spaghetti sauce in the fridge good? with meat sauce? Why oh why did Jennifer introduce me to Creamy Southwestern Ranch Dip from Tostitos? Why did she give me all that chocolate?

Why did Steve take all the cookies?

Why when I just bought my son 2 new pairs of shoes this weekend did he go out all day in the most raggedy, shredded, dog has chewed on them shoes he has ever owned?

Why did my dog dig up then chew up a wire from the ground in the yard? What's it go to? Is it the reason we lost power Saturday at 1 am? Am I liable? Dave? How are they gonna prove which one of the dogs did it? Will they play good cable guy-bad cable guy, try to cut the younger pup a deal? Get her to roll over on the others...get it, roll over?!

Dave is in Turkey. Stop it, I said IN Turkey not A! He still has a long time to go, Jen and Adam are doing the deployment time with him, in that they are separated by an ocean and a continent and various seas. Man this military gig is a tough one. Steve is only in Missouri and will be back Friday but I miss him. Of course when he is gone the kids eat waffles for dinner but then the dog digs up the buried wires in the yard. Not good.

Okay the kids are calling for the Game Goddess - they are actually calling me that, I love 'em! We are going to play Ooga! It has mini plungers and you have to pick up dinosaur "bones" with them really fast. At least it's a break from FrankenChess because I've been getting my buttocks handed to me in Chess.

Have to tell you about the Nursing Home today, but later. It's that time


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