You know you need to go to the grocery store when you only have one roll of toilet paper for three bathrooms.

It's also not cool when you don't remember which one has the tp until it's well, too late.

It's also very, very uncool when all three of your children are cleaning their rooms with headphones on and cannot hear you banging on the walls and the floor.

Lesson learned today...stock up on tp or be stranded in the bathroom for 15 MINUTES waiting for someone to hear your pleas for toilet tissue paper between songs.



  1. Listen girly - was this an Ambien post???? Will you be removing this one tomorrow??? Maybe I should start printing your posts so I can come back and laugh again and again and not be afraid that you have robbed me of the only humor I get during my days :-) I especially loved this one - what a vision it conjures up!!! LOL


  2. I was rolling when You emailed me and had this in there and then relived it on the phone with you and now on the blog.. girl it just doesnt stop being funny .. sorry lol..


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