A Pancake Tale

My first month in Simply Fun has been so exciting and very busy! I have to admit I let a few things slide around the house getting this business off the ground.

It is from my Simply Fun starter month that Simply Fun Coffee Cake Pancakes were born.

"Mom, what's for breakfast?"


"Try again mom, no cereal, um and no milk."

"Oh, pancakes."

"No syrup."

Not to be rattled by such a minor problem of having nothing to cook with I scanned the pantry. I did not need my x-ray vision, the door was open. I opted for brown sugar and powdered sugar. Hey, it was that or liquid heat and soy sauce. I made up a batch of pancake mix, "add water" Great! I have that! I added brown sugar, moistened with a teaspoon of water and a little cinnamon. As they cooked I sprinkled a tiny bit of sugar on top. I added a little water to powdered sugar, making an icing, and topped the pancakes with it.

They were a huge hit! Of course how could I miss? Feeding kids something with three kinds of sugars isn't exactly genius. If I had found a way to add gum they would have erected a monument to me in the kitchen out of Legos or something.

Anywho, that's my SimplyFun Coffee Cake Pancakes Story. It is true and no names have been changed to protect anyone.

Rockin' Out the last week of February!

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