My Mom is HERE!!

I was folding laundry telling my mom on the phone that my stomach is already upset and I don't feel well in preparation for my procedure tomorrow. She said, I better not cancel...I paused, said I wouldn't then I turned around and she was in my basement!

She came to be with me! Is that the sweetest thing ever? I feel so much better now about it, just having her here makes me feel cared for and loved, of course that's what moms do best.

I haven't even had a chance to share with you that she is my first Team Member in Simply Fun! The original fun, party gal has joined forces with me and together we will (loud reverberating echo) rule the galaxy! Er, uh, I mean sell games, build a business, and take cool trips together of course.

So Jen relax now, mom will make sure I go. I won't need another procedure to remove anyone's foot from my behind.

I would appreciate prayers though. This is a common procedure but between heart, blood pressure, and aneurysm issues, oh and allergies to medications -simple procedures are rarely simple for me and recovery usually takes a little extra time.


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