Living next to the Hoosiers

Today was a very blustery day!

Whenever it is windy like this we LOVE to tie kite string to Wal-mart bags and fly them.

So there we are, Wal-mart bags flying in the air. We don't care if they get caught in the trees (even our trees ;) we have plenty.

I don't know how much my neighbors cared for them but we enjoyed them! They must love living next to the Hoosiers.

When I was a child we NEVER, ever owned snow boots. My mom would save the bread bags and put them over our shoes and legs up to our knees (or higher when we were little) and then secure them with a rubber band or two. I'm not sure how old I was before I realized that there was even such thing AS snow boots. I thought everybody just used Rainbow Bread bags. They worked, they were free.

We also found endless entertainment out of an old dryer tub, rolling one another down the hills and down the street. But that is another story from my Hoosier childhood for another day.

I am off to bed...

I hope your days are filled with special moments, laughter and lots of love!

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