I fought the day but the day won

Holy cow is Thursday.

Everything went wrong today. At about 3 pm I ran up the white flag of surrender and I proclaimed to the day - YOU have beaten me, you win, aye but you were a worthy adversary!

I then retired promptly to my bed chamber where I ran meself a piping hot bath, open a fresh bag of chocolates and began to set the whole day straight.

pause: Not sure why I am writing with an Irish Brogue but, work with me.

Twas only soaking in the tub short bit when the youngest little bugger came bounding up the stairs, wailing as if he'd lost his own dear dog, But nay twasn't the dog, his knickers were in a twist because his sister had bitten him in the back. The back that is not the backside. She dawdled behind but finally arrived to explain the bite occurred during a grapple where he was laying on her face. They bantered around their versions but I paid it little mind. Reminded them there were chocolate bars in the pantry and they could have them, if they could find their clear to leave me alone in peace in bath. Off they ran, praise be to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen. I finished me bath, restored, relaxed and fresh and again able to handle what else the little boogies want to throw at me.

What was weird...besides the Irish thing. I was on the phone the whole time. You can tell if you are a friend, a god friend, a best friend, or a BFF based on certain criteria like: how long will they hold? can you talk and go to the bathroom? take a bath, yell at your kids, or mute? We need a scale.

Starting to go a little sideways here...so I'm out. Top o' the mornin' to ya! I mean tomorrow, you know when it IS morning.

peas - out

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