birds, beauty and the promise of spring

The birds began returning and now my yard is teeming with life and activity.

First the robins, then the jays, and cardinals. Yesterday we had 3 baby woodpeckers! I wish I could have snapped off some pics.

I enjoyed my coffee on the front porch this morning to the endless songs from the birdie condo (fir tree) by the corner of the house. It's time to make some changes to the feeders and get ready for spring visitors.

I know that the cold is not quite finished with us yet but the glimmer of warmth, the promise of spring is exciting. It gives me an extra pick up in my step and makes me want to wash windows - weird.

We have a busy school day today, a perfectly active, enjoyable, school day. I have shaken off the effects of my medical procedure and I am poised to be awesome today.

I began Lent with a fast (that begin on Sunday night) and though I did break the full fast it was only with a bowl of cereal. Today, I eat! I prayed and offered that up for a specific prayer request. My Lenten purpose this year is private, and very important. It will not be easy but I am committed to doing my best. I intend to use the contemplative prayer that I learned last Lent to help me make the changes necessary.



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