What I did wrong in 2008...

There isn't enough time to write it all down but really it doesn't matter. I simply will not focus on the areas where I fell short. I didn't hit all the goals anywhere, but I did better, I did my best. I ask nothing more of myself.

Where is the good of looking back in regret? How inspired and strong would I feel if I focused on my failures, my shortcomings?

Instead I prefer to focus on how I can do even better next year. I would rather look back over what really worked for me last year and try to do even more of it this year.

I can acknowledge what didn't work, but I won't dwell on it.

In homeschooling it is very easy to always feel we have missed the mark. No matter that WE set the mark. No matter that we aim very high. No matter that we aim for things other people wouldn't even dream of attempting. C'mon, really? We have decided to take on the task of our children's education!

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