To test or not to test...

It's the time of year for standardized testing. In some states homeschoolers are 100% exempt from testing. In our state, we are not required to test. I can't imagine living in a state with restrictions on my freedom to educate my children. Homeschooling laws have been one of our greatest considerations as we have relocated.

Testing for us is always an option however. We can test independently or we get together in our homeschool groups and organize testing. It's official and accepted, and best of all no one need see the results but the parents of the child.

The question for most of us then becomes to test or not to test. The short answer is there is no right answer. The answer is different for every family. But here are some point to consider.

How early is too early to test? I personally to use in texting in elementary school. Especially a high pressure, timed, fill in the bubble test. Perhaps in junior high there is some use in it, for nothing more than practice. High school it is not a terrible idea.

Why test? If it's something to use as a barometer in your program, okay maybe. If it's merely considered one tool in deciding a child's progress, maybe then too. If the child is under no intense pressure and doesn't feel

to stroke the ego about how well they read or attach a specific grade level accomplishment?

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