say peas

I have a bag of frozen peas on my face.

I need a root canal. How do I know this? Experience.

I don't have a dentist. Why? Experience(s) I don't like dental work so I wait until the pain I feel out of the dentist's office exceeds the pain I will deal with in the office. I'm there.

I have a big, fat, stupid infected tooth. My face is swollen. It hurts. So, I called a dentist at the end of the day of course - duh! I have to take antibiotics to get the infection down, then be pre-medicated before any work because of the heart thing.

This was on my to-do list. It was even somewhere in the middle. I didn't need a kick in the butt or face in this case to get this done. Okay well maybe I did.

So, tonight it's peas, please. Taylor said, Hey Mom, say peas.



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