Of Mice and Me

The mouse that was in the garage apparently was not satisfied with getting into my bird food and he has now ventured into my house!

Is it normal to be worried that the mouse will run up my pant leg? Like that's my biggest concern next to catching it. When I have to take a bag of garbage to the can I think about the mouse scurrying out and making a break up my pajama pant leg. When I come down at night for a glass of water I think about him running across my slippers and right up my leg. weird.

I don't know why I have a mouse again.

The idea of this little booger in my kitchen makes me crazy. I spent hours cleaning the kitchen today - cabinets, inside and out, the pantry, drawers. I love it when things are clean and neat. and labeled. I labeled the items in the pantry.

When I see him I know I will scream, and immediately have the heebeegeebees. I know this because this is not my first mouse rodeo. Once a little tiny baby mouse ventured into my living room floor. He was dying from the poison we'd put out. I screamed and jumped up onto my son's mini recliner. It reclined, I fell backwards. I scrambled back up onto it, promptly snapping the reclining section away from the rest of the chair. I stood on the now backless recliner and waited, after a few minutes when he looked dead, I went and got a big tupperware bowl. I approached him cautiously lest he was tricking me about having croaked. I covered him with the bowl. That, I decided was not heavy enough and if he came to, he could get out, so I put on top of it a heavy casserole dish a pot, and inside the pot a brick from the yard.

My husband and children returned home to find me standing on the couch, my son's recliner snapped in two in the floor, and a tower built from bowls and bricks in the middle of the floor as almost a monument to the vermin.

I said, "I'm so glad you're home!"

My husband, unflapped by the scene that greeted him, kept his coat on while I told the story, blow by blow. Then he took care of it of course. He always does.

I don't like mice. Hamsters, I love. I don't think hamsters want to run up my pant leg. But then again, I think our new one Sally has been sizing me up...

Coffee's cold,


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