no thanks, I'm not hungry

I haven't watched Fox News since the day of the election. I just can't stomach what is happening.

We have no tv in fact. I don't miss it. One day I was irritated because I wanted to watch something but finding online outlets like hula, joost, and most importantly netflix instant, has fixed any absence I might have felt.

I watch what I like, and can ignore all I don't. Which includes the world around me, still. One word - Obama. Can't do it.

I catch headlines on Yahoo but so rarely have the heart to read the stories completely. We have a dirty, crooked, pompous, Wonder Years looking Gov. here in the "great state of Illinois". Who has shadily appointed a questionable Senate replacement for our inexperienced, sad little Junior Senator now President-elect, and our other Senator is a Dick, Durbin that is. Obama has been pretending he is a President for four years, and I suppose he faked it until he made it.

He wants to close Gitmo. Oh good, rights for terrorists. He wants checks for everyone - free, free, free - think bread lines, cheese lines, lines for healthcare - a chicken in every pot. I think he may be the first President on the food stamp one dollar bill.

We are taking our eye off the ball. Just the idea that Obama, the Clinton's, Pelosi and Reid have so much power makes me physically ill. It actually frightens me.

So now I am saving big bucks on tv, I think we'll need it.

Can we please talk about the mid-term elections now? Maybe 2012? Is it over yet? Are we there yet?

Ugh, liberals. I can use liberals as a diet. All I have to do is think about this and I lose my appetite.

Everytime I see an Obama sticker I want to say, "check back in 4".

Recession with Bush, sure, slower growth, stagnant economy, problems. Obama will be depression. He'll ask you or 4 more years to fix it too. He'll say the problems took awhile to create and will take awhile to fix.

The difference between a recession and a depression? recession you neighbor loses his job, depression - you lose yours.

If a Rep. Gov. under indictment, on tape wth the FBI did this and a Republican majority accepted his nominee? oh my gosh, the world would fall of it's axis. This Blago - Burris though... hiccup.

That's all I can take for one night. I had the first asthma attack in over a month tonight. Too worked up. Can't sleep, headache. Stress is bad for me. It's bad for you too. Avoid it.

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  1. I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one planning to ignore Obama! There's just something spooky about him--I can't explain it--but I don't even want to hear his voice.


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