good morning?

It is 5:30 (am) I've been up since 1:00.

Can you explain to me how in a household where 4 of 5 members have serious-chronic asthma I now have NO Albuterol inhalant solution and can find only one almost empty inhaler!

How on earth did I run out of this critical medication! I am so angry with myself.

I have been up for the nearly the last 2 hours giving breathing treatments to my boys using the last of the inhalation meds for the nebulizer. For the boys the rescue inhalers often do not work well.

I must transfer our prescriptions tomorrow to Walgreens from Wal-mart. So we can have 24 hr. access to what we need.

I knew we had used a great deal more this last week - lots of extra treatments during our visit with exposure to allergens. But this much? wow. How did I lose track of it?

I set up the humidifiers, checked peak flows, treated, checked again, made tea, read books. I am beat. Awake, but beat.

I have 4 more hours before the pharmacy opens and this could go very badly now that I am out of inhalation meds. I need to locate a spare inhaler, fast. I have looked everywhere. I decided to stop and think for a moment here in the classroom. Where could an extra one be? They are everywhere and all out!?

My plan for tomorrow, so well laid out is shot all to Hades.

Praying for easing of symptoms, easier breathing and locating medication...

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  1. (((hugs))) I wish I had one and could have taken it to you! but by now its almost 9am im sure your already on the phone figuring out med transfers. Prayers and hugs coming your way!!


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