can it stick?

I have officially worked out 3 times this week. That is three times more than any week in 2008.

We spent all evening at the Y. Rock climbing, swimming, walking and William started Karate. I need to build my stamina back up slowly.

I also need to feel comfortable there. Really comfortable because if I feel awkward or weird, I just won't go.

I've been walking my dog, just the one who really needs it, Missy. Jack is not happy about it.
Maggie doesn't care she hates walks - makes her nervous, I think she thinks we are never going home.

So day 6 of the New Year, and I am making baby steps. I've got some lingering leadership issues to manage and a handful of pet projects to fire up, but I am being selective and trying to be clear about my expectations and limits.

All I can do is try to do better, be honest with myself and others and keep moving forward.

Hoping it will stick,

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