100 Things I did right in 2008

100 Things I did right in 2008

  1. Easter
  2. Holy Days
  3. Advent
  4. Christmas
  5. My anniversary
  6. Traveling
  7. Going to the doctor
  8. Taking my medicine
  9. Completing my work on the Electoral College
  10. Starting my website
  11. Staying married and very much in love
  12. Raised a son to 18
  13. Handled crisis
  14. Helped people I love
  15. Mended fences
  16. Built fences
  17. Built friendships
  18. Let unhealthy friendships fade away
  19. Kept in touch
  20. Learned about contemplative prayer
  21. Went on a marriage encounter with my beloved
  22. Mellowed
  23. Rested
  24. Surrendered
  25. Fought
  26. Cared
  27. Honored my parents
  28. Began to care for myself and my health
  29. Learned a little more about my children, my husband, my friends, and family
  30. Learned to quilt
  31. Had my husband take our daughter to the Jonas' Brothers Concert
  32. Saw Jimmy Buffett
  33. Stood by a friend in the most difficult time of her life, and loved her
  34. Grew in compassion for the least among us
  35. Visited with family I hadn't seen in a decade
  36. Supported my brother when his world fell apart around him
  37. Gave up coffee
  38. Realized that giving up coffee was stupid and took it up again
  39. Gave up tv programming
  40. Painted the bathroom and finished Taylor's room
  41. Baked bread
  42. Cooked more
  43. Made my bed most days
  44. Worked on the landscaping
  45. Stepped back when it was too much
  46. Asked for help
  47. Cried when I felt like it
  48. Supported the better candidate even though we lost (twice) Fred & John :(
  49. Got new glasses that didn't look 1974
  50. Bought jeans that fit despite the size
  51. Read some good books
  52. Learned more about my religion
  53. Experienced faith in it's fullness and in the desert
  54. I couldn't hear God's voice for a time, but I kept waiting
  55. I heard Him
  56. Began the process of submitting to my husband's authority
  57. Started to trust people for the VERY first time
  58. Planted flowers
  59. Laid in the hammock
  60. Held my daughter more
  61. Returned more emails
  62. Wrote more letters
  63. Started taking care of my skin again
  64. Read to my son more
  65. Put back a lot of junk at Wal-mart
  66. The Van Plan
  67. Sold the Van
  68. Scrutinized what I bought a little better
  69. Threw out clutter
  70. Visited DC
  71. Visited Yellowstone
  72. Visited Mount Rushmore
  73. Packed home a carcass
  74. Enjoyed the trips with my family
  75. Lounged by the pools
  76. Stopped doing daycare
  77. Began finding my voice
  78. Made some good decisions
  79. Coached Volleyball
  80. Blogged a lot
  81. Took lots of pictures
  82. Wrote a lot
  83. Told those I love most how much I love them
  84. Taught my son to read
  85. Put the kids back in music lessons
  86. Dreamed
  87. Laughed more than I have in many years
  88. Went on lots of dates with my husband
  89. Took my daughter to the mall more
  90. Sat by warm fires
  91. Cared for sick children
  92. Acknowledged some limits
  93. Forgave
  94. Visited my grandma more
  95. Danced
  96. Didn't watch Big Brother
  97. Trick or Treated
  98. Went Swimming a lot and got my hair wet
  99. Celebrated 10 years of marriage
  100. I did my best

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  1. Awesome Robin... Way to go! Here is to an awesome 2009!


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