Who is this clown and why is he following me?

Who is this clown and why is he following me? This is my beloved. We went to the circus in full, professional looking clown make up. Kids asked for his autograph and the clowns from Ringling gave him respectable nods and clowned with him very cool. This was a few years back but I recently recovered these and I had to share. I loved it. We had a spectacular time.

This is how we do things. We don't just "go" to the circus. First of all we were at the train when the circus train came to town. We sat on the side of the road while all the elephants and so on were marched down the road about a half mile to the coliseum. We went to the base and met the clowns, and enjoyed a special military preview for miltary kids. Then my husband of many talents fixed our make-up and off we went. Okay, that's my actual make up - which some may argue I wear like a clown but here is the back story. After William was all ready he freaked out a little. He decided he didn't want to wear make-up or the frilly collar I made him and he didn't want me to either, he couldn't recognize me. So, mine came off too. You can still see my too rosy cheeks, and I wore a nose (not pictured).

I can't express to you what it means to the kids to have a dad that is so much fun. He can be in full dad form when he needs to be but he also (clearly) knows how to have a good time. They were so cute!

Corey was a rodeo clown, he soaked it up. Taylor a lioness (her costume and tail shown), William was a baby clown and I was a hillbilly clown in overalls. Again some might argue where was the costume in that...

I love going through pictures, memories are very sweet and photos help so much as the ol' memory gets fuzzy. Thanks mom for emailing me these, all the rest from this event were lost in the hurricane.

Clowning Around,

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