Nothing new there

Barack Obama promised change, something new in politics. It seems to me what he has done is precisely the opposite. He has dusted and dragged out Democrats whose ideas have had their time, and that time has passed. He has resurrected the careers of the likes of Daschle (ugh) for example who couldn't be more partisan if tried.

It really is Christmas - Hillary, Richardson, all get nice gifts of power and prestige. Where are the new ideas? The fresh air, the new politics?

My prayers will continue for the next administration but whatever thread of hope I was clinging to has snapped. I can not even bring myself to watch the news. Everyday it is something else, everyday they chip away at any shred of confidence I could have had in this man.

With his every decision I see corruption. Does anyone remember when Hillary withdrew? The reports were swirling that a deal had been brokered to make her Secretary of State. They were hushed up and poo- poo'ed. Yet here we are, Madam Secretary. Bill Richardson, long time Clinton supporter who caused the bald wonder, James Carville's eyes to bug out when he came out in support of the Obamination candidate, gets a cozy place in the administration.

These political payoffs are so bold, so obvious, yet it seems no one cares. This is good ol' boy politics at it's finest. He just scratching the backs of those who scratched his.

Nothing new there, and they are getting a puppy. Seems to me having one person on a leash is enough for one household, even a White House.

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