I have the best cook/books!

Susan is another living, breathing cookbook for me. Mom you are not replaced so don't think you can rest on your laurels. But as I a trying new recipes Susan has had to tell me all the details a cookbook doesn't tell me like exactly where will I find barley or capers in the grocery store. Laugh if you will but I grew up on cornbread, deep fried things and moon pies. I was very picky. Mom has had to talk me through the first many years. Like how do I know if the hamburger is cooked, or the pasta is done. Susan is now sharing the responsibility, she is (unfortunately for her) the one I call from the grocery store asking what I need and where I will find it. She tells me what to try, shortcuts, substitutes, what it should look like and she is on call when I can't remember what step comes next.
She has inspired me to do more in the kitchen that I enjoy so much. Below are a couple offerings for my family this week. Home baked bread (without aid of the bread machine!) It was Susan's recipe for sweet bread it was awesome! This loaf is half-eaten. I was not fast enough to get any pictures before everything was devoured. All the cookies, and treats are gone too. I'm working on more today.

I made an apple pie because I am awaiting the dumpling recipe that Christina shared. I have several things on tap too that I might get around to sharing this week.

I don't know who was eating the whole pie with a fork but I guess that is a good review huh?

Susan has been good enough to post several recipes on her blog that I requested this week. I request them because I have had the chance to sample them and had to have them! Another perk only my living cookbooks offer.

Susan's Kitchen Blog is your Online Cook On Call. Visit it, try, enjoy, report back.

Bon Appetit,



  1. I will email it to you..:) are you sure you want it?? lol.. its very yummy and soo easy you might find your making it way more than you should (Says the person who has made too many of them herself lol)

  2. Ditto, Christina! It's linked on my blog, Robin :-) Christina provided the lead for Pioneer Woman - Wow! I made the dumplings for my mom, sisters and brother who were in for all of 20 hours from Saturday to Sunday and they loved them, too!

    Thanks for encouraging me, Robin. I am finding my love of cooking returning even stronger than it was before the fall... :-)

    I went to Jackman's yesterday... trouble is brewing. I don't have TIME to sew!!!


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