Elves Learning Families

Some Elves live in trees and bake cookies, others work for Santa in the "big show". You may have learned these tidbits from the movie Elf but what you might not know is how an Elf goes through training. They come to live and learn about families. Before an Elf can set about toymaking they must first do some field work.

They visit a family during the Christmas Season to observe. They learn all about what toys children enjoy, how they handle their toys, durability, taste testing for infants, noise considerations, and equally important is how to help Santa determine who is naughty and who is nice. Through field training they come to recognize good habits, good behavior and noble traits in children. This information is incredibly important to Santa, he could scarcely run the workshop without it.

We have been chosen as an E - L - F (Elves Learning Family) and so this adorable little fellow arrived at our home at beginning of December. His name is Buddy. He turns up all over the house, sometimes in very strange places - studying, learning, observing our family and keeping a watchful eye out for their best behavior.

William was thrilled.

I'm working on Buddy's story about his time with our family, which I have a feeling he will leave for us on Christmas morning. If the kids did a good job we might get another Elf next year to help train.

So you know, Buddy surprised me a time or two. He was in the bathroom, the pantry. Do you think he was watching what I was eating? yikes.

Merry Christmas!


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