Quick update:

Had my x-rays today, probably pneumonia. See doc Friday (before lunch I think). Called the office and gave them Hades today. I told the office manager exactly what I think of his rude receptionist.

This made me think...

I am spending a fortune, a fortune in medical bills. I'm sure my health insurer just loves me, I'm their worst nightmare. The last MRI cost them over $9000.00. I told the office manager and I mean it, I am paying between (myself and my agents i.e. my health insurer) upwards of $120+ for 15- 20 minutes of my doctor's time. I expect to treated with a little courtesy, I expect my phone calls to be returned, I expect to be told when my test results are in as opposed to calling back for 2 days. I expect them to CARE for me since they are my healthcare providers. I told him, I am sick. I am calling for help in getting well, how dare she be short with me, cut me off when I am explaining a problem. Don't call me "hon", it's Mrs. (X) to her. I've heard her, while in the office being snarky to patients, then hanging up and bad mouthing them to other staff. Her workspace is a pigsty and it's no wonder it takes her two days to find my file to call me back.

I also told him (since he is my doctor's husband) that from a professional prospective this is not how one builds a thriving practice - running off a family of five when my care alone could probably remodel their kitchen!

He apologized and took copius notes or so he said. He called back apologized again, said he was very sorry for what I've gone through. I suppose he looked at the medical record.

I canceled my appointment today with my eye doctor tomorrow. 2 months ago I needed new contacts, they were out and I asked for the script to get them elsewhere. The script they gave me was wrong. I had changed brands. They said the couldn't help me because the doc left early (it was Fri). I said he doesn't take calls? It's 2 pm on Fri? "This is not an emergency." She couldn't give me a different answer at all. I left irritated called her back a couple hours later and said - don't you have some samples or trials - something to get me through the weekend?


I went and got them.

Now tell me why on earth wouldn't she offer that up when I was standing there? Why wouldn't she do everything she could to help?

Doctors are a dime a dozen, a good one is priceless. I am not paying for poor care anymore.

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