cheese, change and no tv

So I want to make cheese & butter.

I'm looking at organic, grass fed beef, raw milk, and other natural products. I'm excited to see what's available in my area. Though raw milk is a whopping $10 a gallon - yes you read that correctly - that's US dollars not pesos or yen! The other products are completely competitive. I am looking for sheep's milk for the cheese making, to see if it might be cheaper. When we switch we will be abandoning cereal from the menu 3 days a week. These guys use TONS of milk, and waste tons too.

Making cheese does not seem difficult at all! I am jazzed. Processed cheese is not very good, it's not good for you and the really good stuff is not cheap.

I was directed to some great websites Weston A Price for starters, when I asked on the CCM board for some input. This is a lot to take in and I am giving it all serious consideration.

oooh I got a juicer too, mom gave it to me on this trip. Now what all can I...ya know juice? Carrots, apples, oranges? k, got that...tomatoes? input?

Being truly present in my home, in my life, in each moment that comes is a singular new goal for me. I remember reading a Tao principle once that spoke about when you sleep...sleep. When you It made me think of what the Bible says, there being a time for every purpose. I read it differently recently though thinking, perhaps it means to fully be present in every purpose.

Too often I have prided myself on my ability to multitask. Isn't that supposed to be a wonderful ability? Is it always? I take time in the van to make phone calls. I could be talking with the children I am carrying. I talk on the phone and cook instead of enjoying the experience of cooking. I talk and clean house instead of cleaning carefully and being thankful, relaxed or joyful when I'm cleaning. I talk when...suffice it to say I talk too much.

In my prayer and contemplation something else occurred to me. I was praying for the faith of the Saints. "Oh Lord, why can't I have the faith of St. Paul, the dedication, the insight, the gifts!!" God said to me in not too many words. Paul didn't have email, internet, cell phones, tv, transportation, or thousand noises competing with MY voice for his attention every moment of the day. eh hem. I can't say God actually cleared His throat, but I might have heard it.

I imagined St. Paul walking everywhere. Days, weeks, months, years when you add it up spent just walking from one place to the other. (sometimes walking really fast to flee!) but how much quiet time alone with Jesus! How much easier it was to listen when He wasn't drowned out by tv, satellite radio, ipods, iphones, special rings, dvd players in the cars, and texting.

I can't follow, I can't know His plan for my life if I can't even hear Him when He speaks to me. Moreover, when I am not in control of when and how I allow access to my mind from this world when it becomes an out of control jam session with images and influences that are not even Godly, how can I ever know of or live the blessed, amazing life He planned for me? I can't.

So it's gone a step further, if I can't follow my Father when I am bombarded, how can I expect my children to follow our parental lead if they too are enveloped in noise. Thus the move toward more quiet.

I called today and arranged to cancel our satellite tv programming. We save money, sanity, remove some negative influence and it gets quieter!

You know there is a difference between turning on the tv to watch a program, even one you've recorded. But how often I found the tv being turned on out of pure habit, or just for noise, out of boredom. As we've been trying to be more discerning and prepare the kids for the change over to no cable/satellite programming, I've found them watching so much less tv. We spend lots of time together but turning off that noise box with the bright colors has made an enormous difference.

I've allowed the game systems to be put in the boys rooms now but NOT the controllers. Those they have to "check out" and turn in when the game time is up. Really this is not for Corey, only William. I'm not worried about the games they play they don't own anything that concerns me. Corey plays only a few hours a week, he is just too busy with work. Corey got Halo this week. It's only 4 weeks before his 18th birthday, I think he's ready!

I have to tell you I am not sad to see the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon go. These programs - Hannah Montana, iCarly, all of them have one thing in common. The kids are the stars. Think about that for a second. The parents are clueless idiots, the kids are the stars, it always feeds on drama, deceptions, and the kids are running around doing stuff constantly that the parents are unaware of. Is it any wonder when kids think they can speak to their parents in the same way? Or have unlimited resources, freedom, "privacy", relationships, etc?

Steve made this call YEARS ago with Lizzie McGuire. He said she speaks to her parents in sarcastic, soundbites like they are stupid and it's contagious. He's right.

We don't let the kids watch violence because we don't want to desensitize them to it, so why allow them to be desensitized to disrespect for parents?

The kids are actually totally fine with the tv programming being gone. It's not been presented to them EVER as a punitive move. In place of tv time, they are having our attention. We are having fun. They've been promised daily tv time with a netflix movie or tv series (they have every tv series!!) we've ordered. But it will be something that is planned, that is for us all to do together or maybe a girl thing, or just the guys. It will have purpose. We've also let them help us plan what we'll do with all the money we are saving. The consensus - a new computer for the classroom.

So this and much more is what I've been contemplating deeply for many weeks and especially whilst I've been sick and unable to do little more than think, pray, write, and read. Oh and eat. I look and feel like Jabba the Hut! Not to worry, the very day the doc clears me I am going to the gym like a crazy person! Weight like money comes and goes, I put it on, I can take it off. no problem.

Many blessings!


  1. sounds like you have a plan :). Im not brave enough to cancel the tv.. but we do keep it off and very rarely turn it on.. Hubby and I are sadly addicted to a few shows lol. I prefer the silence of it being off during the day. :). Wanted to say to your game time.. they had (even though it involves the tv) marvel scene-it at tuesday mornings friday night for really cheap. There was only one left but I picked it up and said Oh man this would be perfect for ROBIN!!! I did not have your number in my cell, otherwise I would have called and asked if you had it.:)

  2. aaahh! I would love that! Tuesday Monrings need to get down there! You know everything is so cheap I just impulse shop too much.
    must check though


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