checking in

My dear daughter is going to update the blog tomorrow.

For now, I'm up too late.

Here's hoping you had good food, good company, more blessings than you deserve and a thankful heart.

Did you shop on Friday? Please tell me what your best deals were?! This was my first time out in a decade! What a rookie I was! Got some deals, good ones. More importantly the shopping --done. I have two small items to pick up online but that is it baby!

I feel better, I'm cleared for exercise, now just have to remember how to really sweat. I hate to sweat these days.

Can't remember what else I thought I needed to say but here's hoping you are ready for Advent! I'll be sharing my plans over at STWGL.

Blessings! Robin

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  1. Heavens... I do not shop on Black Friday. Honestly, I try to do my Christmas shopping all year long at the clearance racks cause I get better deals there then black Friday deals AND the added bonus is that I don't lose my mind in the process!

    I am glad you enjoyed the process though!


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