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Almost a week no blogging!

I have been busy preparing and working on school, planning the upcoming year's activities for the events I coordinate and doing some fundraising and volunteering.

There is no limit to the interesting things that happen everyday.

One missed blog day William learned to tie his shoes. It was a very big day. He is 7 1/2. I'm sure by some standards he should have mastered this already. I didn't push or ever make him feel like a dummy. My parenting theory on issues like this or potty training has always been - if they go to college not being able to do _____ call me a failure. I only asked that each time he needed me to tie them he would try once.

He came in and asked me to tie his shoes. I said, "Try once. But let me watch closely so I can figure out what step you might be missing." I did. I asked him if I could show him a couple times where I think it's going wrong. He said "sure."

I showed him twice. He tried, failed. He tried again and got it! He did it over and over and all day long. He was thrilled.

I am careful not to make the kids feel like they are not smart for not knowing something or making mistakes. I strongly believe the best way to accomplish learning - any kind of learning - is to allow the child the ownership. He learned to tie his shoes. I didn't really teach him. I facilitated and assisted the learning but the accomplishment is his alone.

It was the very same with riding his bike this summer, swimming, making his bed and learning to read. This is how I have parented both my older children as well. They are strong minded, confident and capable. They really are something, I am so proud of them.

It's hard not to take any credit, though. Thankfully Steve and I lay in bed at night talking about our day and marveling at these great kids and he tells me, in words that make my heart soar, that I am a good mother and that the kids are as amazing as me - how sweet.

Is there anything else that matters? All I want out of this life is to please my Father in Heaven, to love and be loved by my handsome husband, to be a good mother to these children, to love and enjoy the best friends ever and to someday come to deserve God's abundant blessings.

I cannot imagine living a life of unhappiness and despair, how horrible for those who struggle with life in this way.

I have so much. The joy of seeing my son tie his shoes, or my daughter writing and performing an original song, or my oldest preparing for adulthood. Simple, perfect joy. Loving my home, my husband, my babies. Laughing with girlfriends, good books, music, good food, sunshine, cool breezes, hammocks, dogs, long walks, bedtime stories, lullabies, hugs and snuggles. The love and the happiness overwhelms my senses and overflows in the depths of my feminine soul.

Even in the work, when I am tired or feeling stressed. These feeling remain. Thanks be to God.

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  1. I want you to know I really think about things you write and try to follow what you do... I really need to think before I say things to the girls sometimes because I do not want to make them feel inadequte or pressured or whatnot..
    thank you for all your ramblings...
    I also wanted to let you know I tagged you on my blog!


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