Going green??

This is how I looked an hour or so ago. Okay maybe not JUST like this but I was green.

My name is Robin and I am addicted to Arbonne.

(Hi, Robin. Thanks for sharing)

This morning while it was quiet and I was sipping my coffee, before the day had taken it's toll, I was feeling extremely lovingly toward my children. (See my morning post)

I still love them of course, but they have driven me a good bit down the road to utter insanity today. I decided this was the perfect time to try my Arbonne Sea Source all over body mask. It's green.

Note: If you want the children to leave you alone repeat this, " I will be upstairs for an hour or so. I will be completely naked and covered in green mud, with all the doors open and I may be walking around.

My skin is so soft and I smell wonderful! I was able to clear my head, refocus, relax, and forgive myself for serving up Cookie Crisp cereal for dinner with toast, yogurt, milk and juice to make it complete.
So this is She-Hulk. I am no longer green but I am completely rejuvenated and feeling like I can actually get everyone through their showers, in bed on time and I may only need duct tape for one of them.
Bedtime shall be strictly enforced.
We are going to the waterpark tomorrow.

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  1. Have fun at the water park tomorrow!!

    (Have you tried their ABC sunscreen on your kiddos? Love that stuff! J's skin is extremely sensitive and he's had some skin problems already so we have to be very cautious about keeping him pale. Started using the Arbonne and have never turned back.)


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