Art Appreciation

This is what I am using for Corey's Art Appreciation course. It can be found about anywhere.

This is perfect for colored pencils and in my opinion is appropriate for older kids because it is very detailed, requiring fine motor skills.

There are 60 masterpieces from Grandma Moses to Picasso. There are small color prints inside the front and back covers.

My lesson plan for this course includes, printing each work from the internet in color and a short biograhy of each artist in the back of the book.

I will display one each week. The following is a lesson plan that will repeat weekly for each work.

Lesson 1. (Monday) Copy the artist’s biography on index cards. Observe the displayed original at your desk and begin work on your piece.

Lesson 2. (Tuesday) Continue your piece. Take 10-15 minutes to search the name of the piece and the artist on the Internet. List a few notes on index cards (information not previously included in the artist’s biography). Each bit of information should be on a separate index card. The index card should include the source of the information. (Do not use Wikipedia)

Lesson 3. (Wednesday) Complete your piece.

Lesson 4. (Thursday) Do another copy of the work changing colors and shading. Observe how the tone and texture are changed. Make a notation on an index card about what you did differently and how it affected the piece.

Lesson 5. (Friday) Quiz over reference material and then we will display your work along with the original in the family room.

Each lesson will be placed in a page protector with the original, the student's two works, the index cards and the quiz.

The grade will be based on completion and quizzes. 75% and 25% respectively.

The course is held in a 3 ring binder.


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