A favorite piece of a song: "You've made a life where no one every tells you what to do. Now the only tyrant that you're working for is you. It's never easy, to keep all the promises you make, but no one's gonna get you fired, if you just give yourself a break. And when you feel the weight of the world put your mind at ease, Little Hercules." ~Trisha Yearwood song, Little Hercules.

Most of my pressure begins with one of my own bright ideas.

I think I am learning to scale back, but then I look at the calendar and think hmm...

I decided tonight I will give another small piece. It really is small but I can't tell you how difficult it is to keep carving out things I wish I could do.

I don't compare myself very much. I am more or less on any given day pretty pleased with myself, my efforts and how I do my job.

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