Sunday, a blessed day of rest

I've been resting in the stillness and quiet of my home today. It is home to me. I moved out of my childhood home before my 18th birthday (only months older than Corey right now). Between mistakes and the military I have moved...a lot. I love this house. I know I've said it before but I really do. It is so far from perfect but that couldn't be farther from the point. One of my favorite prayerful activities is to walk around the house saying prayers of thankfulness after everyone has gone to bed. Thanks for all our blessings but most of all thanks to God for bringing me so far and through so much.

The children are all back from a busy weekend of activity and fun. Everyone is working on a little schoolwork, crafts and projects and no one is complaining :) The tv is cold (off), the chatter is warm and the creativity abundant.

Steve has written two shows and sketched the characters.

William has built a guitar, drawn thumb print pictures & penguins, made maracas, and started a family band. The family band has sadly broken up over creative differences and we will be working on solo projects! Taylor has worked on her music & art and chipped away at Math. Corey didn't make me any macaroni necklaces but he has been working on biology and finished another chapter today.

We are waiting for the sun to settle so that we can mow and fill the bird feeders.

I've been buzzing with school preparations and writing every chance I get, which has amounted to a great deal of progress this weekend and I have loved every moment of it. SO much has been accomplished this week. The house has been tidy, laundry caught up, and I've cooked. I have been able to keep everyone working and continue to plan next year. This is in stark contrast to last year when I had to essentially shut down the dining room and take two weeks off to get it all planned.

As is the norm - the planning is exciting. It is very different though. I am working while planning, teaching, grading and moving it all forward. It's only taken me 9 years to figure this out!

Well, that's not really fair. The truth is I had it all going well until I added the third student (William) and the "achy, icky feel bads" that plagued my body and tapped my energy for the last 20 months or so.

This has not been an easy week. I do not live in a perfect world, lead a perfect life or experience a life without it's trials. The truth is I keep those trials very close to the vest. A great many of those trials and personal struggles remain private from even those closest to me. I may be a drama queen, but I am not whiner ;) am I? please tell me I'm not (even if it isn't true)

Besides life actually is better when you look on the bright side, see the silver lining, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, keep a stiff upper lip, and never let them see you sweat...wait is that a commercial? Just do it, I always say...okay I know that one is! But still it's true.


Your abundantly blessed, fatally flawed, diet root beer powered friend, Robin

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