Please join me in prayer

Our dear friends are facing a 15 month unaccompanied separation that begins today. Dave is headed to Turkey where he will be Staff Judge Advocate (I think that's right) - you know the tv show JAG? think USAF. It's high profile position interacting internationally and in a multi-command capacity (all the branches).

Jen and Adam will be staying behind.

I humbly ask that when you read this you offer a prayer for their safety, health, peace, and any other needs as they arise?

I have great friends, you know this, and this family is no different. Dedicated, fiercely loyal and loving mom in Jen, hard working, loving, devoted hubby in Dave, and fine young man and all around good kid in Adam. They have a sense of humor and strength that is admirable and contagious when you are around.

Dave was promoted to Lt. Colonel yesterday, we were honored to be able to attend. Congratulations to you all in this accomplishment! Dave really deserves it and it's so good know that officers like Dave are in positions of authority. Though I am bit concerned over Dave's new role as an Ambassador to Turkey...not THE ambassador but (an)...the Turks don't know what's coming over the pond!! I can't wait to hear some stories from Jen!

Congratulations to the Cunningham family and although I know you know this, we are here for you in whatever you might need during this time and anytime!

May God Bless the Cunningham Family


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