My thoughts are swirling tonight.

I am so proud of all my children. I realize that pride in my family, or in my mothering can be like any pride left unchecked and if and when it takes a hit it, you feel it. I need to learn to keep it in check much better than I have in the past. This is the hardest job.

Mothering stretches you so far beyin

Taylor has been sharing more and more of her music and creativity with us all summer.

Tonight she sang another original song. She taught herself chords on the keyboard and wrote the music and lyrics. She is amazing. It was stunning really. I don't mind telling you I have an ear for this and she is an incredible talent. It was mature, well thought out, had a hook, a bridge - she is a natural song writer with a great range, power vocals, and a God-given ability to let the song lead her.

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