Home sweet home

I love my house. Now sometimes it is a love-hate relationship but it is love most of the time.

I love my house because it houses my family, it is a reflection of me and things I love, and it is secured by my husband's selfless work. If it is not "everything I want in a house, it's only because it's full potential is still a work in progress. Much like me.

In every room, every nook, every wall, I know what I want to see there. Working in the house is a joy to me. I thrive on the satisfaction of a job well done, a project completed. I rarely get overwhelmed by the number of unfinished projects. It is only when I am doing nothing that this happens. When I am chipping away at it, I feel the progress and the changes inspire me further.

I painted the deck today and I am so happy with how it is coming along - how it will look when I am finished that I can barely contain myself. It needs a second coat, touch ups, etc. But it is such a dramatic, fantastic improvement!

The cost here again was very inexpensive:

2 gallons exterior porch paint from Wal-mart - $27.00
No-skid grit addictive from Lowe's $5
Not wanting to stab myself in the eye with a fork everytime I look at the deck ...priceless.

The other painting supplies are a given as I have enough of those to start my own business!

I tweaked the classroom a little today too and went through the bookshelves and next is a thorough cleaning. I realized again how much I really love the space. It has everything we need, I enjoy being in here. I think the kids do too which is very important. It's one element in the "atmosphere" that is crucial to a successful homeschool program - a comfortable, appropriate space. It need not be large or fancy. In fact of the 5 desks in my classroom - 2 were freecycle, 2 were yard sale and one was purchased new. The large white shelf was free, the corkboards were goodwill.

I truly believe the best room designs contain a healthy mixture of higher end, quality pieces and the rest of the space can be done with cost effective, warm pieces you can do yourself. I say that not only because I LOVE to paint and do crafty thingys (Steve tells people -don't stand still for long she will slap some primer on and give you stripes!) but because I heard it on tv and everything on tv is true.

It's 8:23pm WHEW! After our AWOL meeting, I came home changed at went to Wal-mart, they missed me.

I had some food, painted the deck, stopped to let it dry, worked in the classroom, picked up the house, swam with the kids and worked on the deck some more. Lather, rinse repeat 3 times. Wait I didn't EAT that many times - nevermind.

What was the point? (As if you could even remember at this juncture) I love the deck? No I love my house and I painted the deck. Yep that's the ticket!


I picked out the paint colors for the bedroom too. The master bedroom project is still a little ways off but I want to begin hunting for and collecting the pieces to complete it. I will look for the very best buys and the design will unfold from there. It will involve a little sewing but not too much.

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