Having it all

So my Arbonne party was so much fun. I am so glad I did it! I am getting the most incredible products!! gush-gush-gush!! Time has met it's match. I am putting the brakes an aging, at least on my face. The rest of my body might well fall apart before the summer like my air conditioner, but I will LOOK young.

Again we went till about 10:00 pm eating cake and enjoying girl talk. I think other people had cake?? This was part of my balancing act, time with the girls, time for myself, taking care of myself.

Before I forget- you know the a/c man tried repairing the air with something called a hard start kit (G - behave!) anyway he said essentially the compressor was fried and if it could get started it could run but it needed a kick, a boost to get it going. I said, "you mean like coffee?" I get that. He ignored me.

In the end of course even the new kit didn't work. Those men never did try coffee in replace of freon. I digress into the a/c post again, sorry!

The two big kids left for a visit back home today. While they are away I hope to continue to polish off more of my projects. I hope I will be posting pics of the finished works soon. So here is my list.

School Planning
Painting, re-organizing and cleaning out the garage
Paint and repair the deck
Taylor's room - complete makeover (paint, sew bedding, decorate, new curtains)
Paint the hall trim
Paint the downstairs bathroom
Change 4 light fixtures
Master Algebra II
Paint my Adirondack chairs
Plan the volleyball league
Take Williams to Six Flags
Add a child to daycare (temporarily)

and don't lose any ground anywhere else.

Does that seem lofty? I need a nap. Look, if I aim high and only finish 3 things, that would still be good right? The goal is not to complete these tasks at the sacrifice of my daily responsibilities or enjoying my summer with my family and friends. Because frankly even if I finished them all, new projects will take their place. Time with the ones you love cannot be replaced.

If I died tomorrow, scratch that, next week, I'd have nothing to wear if I died tomorrow. If I died, unexpectedly, I would want to know that the last week of my life would have represented a healthy balance and snapshot of my life. That's my plan for getting in balance, week by week, fitting it all in, having it all. At least all I want.


PS - Hey G you realize then we have the same initials! If we ever want to split a monogramming order we are set!

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