Focusing on Corey

Okay so where was I? Oh yeah focusing.

For Corey in his senior year (so far):

Apologia Chemistry
Video Text Interactive Geometry/Trig/Pre-Cal Program
Government - The Federalist Papers, American Gospel, Customized Study
Economics - can't recall off hand the publisher!
American History WWI-Present - William Bennett - America: The Last Best Hope Vol. II
Music & Art Appreciation - Bluegrass, Jazz/ Monet & Renior
Report & Essay Writing
Philosophy - Marietta McCarty Book Little Big Minds (adapted)
Greek Roman Mythology
Classic Literature
Oral Presentations/Speech
Term Papers
Grammar/Sentence Structure/Vocabulary (for SAT prep)

I'm considering SWIC for Spanish and for an additional English or Creative Writing Course - we'll see :)

I can elaborate more as the planning firms up. I will be teaching nearly all these subjects which do not list a specific publisher from a list of living books. For example debating will encompass the election, a Bill O'Reilly Book, and a John Stossel Book to name a two. We will also discuss and debate ideas in the classic lit reading as well.

It is from these books and their science book that I pull all their vocabulary words. It does take a little time. Not gonna kid you but it is so worth it to know they are understanding what they are reading. Oh and there is a link on my blog which includes a link to spelling and vocab based on many great books. I sit down, flip through the book and underline the words. Every 15-20 words are the vocab list including reviewing previous words. Typing them up takes very little time. The kids look them, copy them, use them in sentences, do additional exercises when available from external resources like the website, and then text on Friday.

The computer programs are the easiest to do, just have to pick a teaching program and it does the rest.

We should be able to begin full time schooling on Monday, and the kids should be ready to begin the new year in September. We have no further breaks until Labor Day.

I'm still tweaking and evaluating but I am pleased with what I have and what we can accomplish together.

I will still have the lesson planning to do and I expect that will take quite a bit of time but I know what I have to plan and that in itself is a huge step.


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