am I optimistic?

"Except for Monday, which was never good anyways,
Tuesdays I get a little sideways, Wednesdays I feel better just for spite.

Thursday & Friday take too long, before I know it Saturday's gone but it's Sunday now and every thing's alright." ~ old Lorrie Morgan song


"Only when I laugh, only when I cry and only on days that end in Y" ~ can't remember

I don't like being a patient. I don't have time for this. Neuro called, and said they had to get an approval on the test from insurance and I would probably know by week's end. I had to call the doc about the B12 shots and they are supposed to call me back (holding my breath) about when, frequency and dosage. I had to call cardio and reschedule the echo I missed. It's tomorrow - 9 am. Then I still have to call Cardionet about the heart monitor which I have to wear for 2 weeks. Medication refills, new prescriptions, faxing medical releases, mri reports, and more blood work at this rate having needles stuck in my muscles and having the snot shocked out of me will be a pleasant distraction. Is that optimism?

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