Aldi rocks!

I made a big trip to Aldi today and I had so much fun. I actually enjoy grocery shopping. Unloading them, not so much. But I really love shopping when I save $$$.

I left with two fully loaded carts, for a total of $211.93.

Some of my favorite deals...

Peppers -green red, yellow - $1.60 each (2.88 @ Wal-mart)
Olive Oil- $3.69 ($5.47 @ WM)
French Fries - $1.39
Fuji Apples - $.59/lb
Strawberries - $.99
Lg Generic Sunny D - $1.79
Mac & Cheese - $.35

I ran errands for 3 hours. I decided to take a break and sit after I got the cold items put away. I took out my grocery receipts from the last two months and compared item for item. I have done at least 3 Wal-mart grocery trips because I was there for other things, and so I had lot of the items we buy most to compare. I estimate I saved nearly $60.00. Which is exactly what it cost to fill my gas tank today. Both stores are close so gas expense doesn't really factor into the cost.

I have learned that every Aldi is different, in that they carry different products. I have switched over to a larger Aldi and I am very happy. There are still several items I buy elsewhere - red meats, bananas, my yogurt, coffee, root beer and a few others. But the bulk of my shopping can be done there.

I really enjoy browsing through Dierbergs. It's a lovely store, with samples and every section marketed to be tempting and appealing but I suffer extreme sticker shock when I look at the prices.

For our family, especially given the tight economy and the gas prices, we are an Aldi family.

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