I'm so excited I can barely contain my enthusiasm. I am embarking on a new journey. I have decided to self publish and share some of my work.

I hope to have a website up by mid-September. I am working on several items. There are several areas of interest, and therefore products. They will relate to home, homeschool, faith, humor, organization and of course superheroes.

I am a mixture of excitement and dread. It's frightening and humbling to put yourself "out there". I plan to offer bite-size unit study oriented and topically focused curricula, homeschool gear, and thought provoking reading materials for women. Non-fiction of course that's my true love. Besides my real life already reads like a bad soap opera, no need to embellish here.

I cannot wait to share details!


had to share

William and Alex are eating peanut butter and jelly. They started chatting about how cool it would be to have a genie to grant wishes. William said his first wish would be that Barack Obama would not be elected. His second wish would be that HE could be President so he could keep everyone safe. His third wish would be to be Ang from the cartoon Avatar.

He said last night during an Obama campaign ad, "I do not like him because he is not a good candidate. He is not going to fight the bad guys in the war."

(with a puffed out chest, a tear in my eye and stiffling hysterical laughter) that's my child!!

lazy days of summer? Ha!

A little from this weekend...

Taylor is going back and completing some of her science labs - she made molds and casts as part of learning how fossils are made.

Livin' the Dream
with a homemade guitar and maracas!

Thumb print art is always a favorite here. We have a little book the kids love that shows you how to make everything imaginable from the thumb prints step by step. It's called Ed Emberley's Great Thumb print Drawing Book.


Sunday, a blessed day of rest

I've been resting in the stillness and quiet of my home today. It is home to me. I moved out of my childhood home before my 18th birthday (only months older than Corey right now). Between mistakes and the military I have moved...a lot. I love this house. I know I've said it before but I really do. It is so far from perfect but that couldn't be farther from the point. One of my favorite prayerful activities is to walk around the house saying prayers of thankfulness after everyone has gone to bed. Thanks for all our blessings but most of all thanks to God for bringing me so far and through so much.

The children are all back from a busy weekend of activity and fun. Everyone is working on a little schoolwork, crafts and projects and no one is complaining :) The tv is cold (off), the chatter is warm and the creativity abundant.

Steve has written two shows and sketched the characters.

William has built a guitar, drawn thumb print pictures & penguins, made maracas, and started a family band. The family band has sadly broken up over creative differences and we will be working on solo projects! Taylor has worked on her music & art and chipped away at Math. Corey didn't make me any macaroni necklaces but he has been working on biology and finished another chapter today.

We are waiting for the sun to settle so that we can mow and fill the bird feeders.

I've been buzzing with school preparations and writing every chance I get, which has amounted to a great deal of progress this weekend and I have loved every moment of it. SO much has been accomplished this week. The house has been tidy, laundry caught up, and I've cooked. I have been able to keep everyone working and continue to plan next year. This is in stark contrast to last year when I had to essentially shut down the dining room and take two weeks off to get it all planned.

As is the norm - the planning is exciting. It is very different though. I am working while planning, teaching, grading and moving it all forward. It's only taken me 9 years to figure this out!

Well, that's not really fair. The truth is I had it all going well until I added the third student (William) and the "achy, icky feel bads" that plagued my body and tapped my energy for the last 20 months or so.

This has not been an easy week. I do not live in a perfect world, lead a perfect life or experience a life without it's trials. The truth is I keep those trials very close to the vest. A great many of those trials and personal struggles remain private from even those closest to me. I may be a drama queen, but I am not whiner ;) am I? please tell me I'm not (even if it isn't true)

Besides life actually is better when you look on the bright side, see the silver lining, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, keep a stiff upper lip, and never let them see you sweat...wait is that a commercial? Just do it, I always say...okay I know that one is! But still it's true.


Your abundantly blessed, fatally flawed, diet root beer powered friend, Robin

Count it all joy, grace

Everything is a grace...

Everything is the direct effect of our Father's love, difficulties, contradictions, humiliations, all the soul's miseries, her burdens, her needs, everything. Because through them she learns humility, realizes her weakness. Everything is a grace, because everything is God's gift. Whatever be the character of life or it's unexpected events - to the heart that loves, all is well.

~St. Therese of Lisieux

Please join me in prayer

Our dear friends are facing a 15 month unaccompanied separation that begins today. Dave is headed to Turkey where he will be Staff Judge Advocate (I think that's right) - you know the tv show JAG? think USAF. It's high profile position interacting internationally and in a multi-command capacity (all the branches).

Jen and Adam will be staying behind.

I humbly ask that when you read this you offer a prayer for their safety, health, peace, and any other needs as they arise?

I have great friends, you know this, and this family is no different. Dedicated, fiercely loyal and loving mom in Jen, hard working, loving, devoted hubby in Dave, and fine young man and all around good kid in Adam. They have a sense of humor and strength that is admirable and contagious when you are around.

Dave was promoted to Lt. Colonel yesterday, we were honored to be able to attend. Congratulations to you all in this accomplishment! Dave really deserves it and it's so good know that officers like Dave are in positions of authority. Though I am bit concerned over Dave's new role as an Ambassador to Turkey...not THE ambassador but (an)...the Turks don't know what's coming over the pond!! I can't wait to hear some stories from Jen!

Congratulations to the Cunningham family and although I know you know this, we are here for you in whatever you might need during this time and anytime!

May God Bless the Cunningham Family

My thoughts are swirling tonight.

I am so proud of all my children. I realize that pride in my family, or in my mothering can be like any pride left unchecked and if and when it takes a hit it, you feel it. I need to learn to keep it in check much better than I have in the past. This is the hardest job.

Mothering stretches you so far beyin

Taylor has been sharing more and more of her music and creativity with us all summer.

Tonight she sang another original song. She taught herself chords on the keyboard and wrote the music and lyrics. She is amazing. It was stunning really. I don't mind telling you I have an ear for this and she is an incredible talent. It was mature, well thought out, had a hook, a bridge - she is a natural song writer with a great range, power vocals, and a God-given ability to let the song lead her.

I'm puny short and little but I'm loud

...and another thing!

(pause the player)

If you read these posts and find the errors you will know that I seriously need an editor. My blogging doesn't take up much of my time because I do not proof read, or tweak - I just "rear back open up and let 'er fly!"

This should be the blog theme song (performed by Martina McBride as a child) :

Little but loud,

am I optimistic?

"Except for Monday, which was never good anyways,
Tuesdays I get a little sideways, Wednesdays I feel better just for spite.

Thursday & Friday take too long, before I know it Saturday's gone but it's Sunday now and every thing's alright." ~ old Lorrie Morgan song


"Only when I laugh, only when I cry and only on days that end in Y" ~ can't remember

I don't like being a patient. I don't have time for this. Neuro called, and said they had to get an approval on the test from insurance and I would probably know by week's end. I had to call the doc about the B12 shots and they are supposed to call me back (holding my breath) about when, frequency and dosage. I had to call cardio and reschedule the echo I missed. It's tomorrow - 9 am. Then I still have to call Cardionet about the heart monitor which I have to wear for 2 weeks. Medication refills, new prescriptions, faxing medical releases, mri reports, and more blood work at this rate having needles stuck in my muscles and having the snot shocked out of me will be a pleasant distraction. Is that optimism?

so this is Monday

Sooner or later you become your mother. My mother once told me a story for 15 minutes about a how a wasp got in the house and she killed it. Those are the two major plot points- it got in, she killed it. But that is not the story. The story was about what she fell over trying to get it with the vacuum cleaner, how she hurt her knee and how she nearly killed her cat in the process (don't ask - I think I blocked it out).

Some could share on their blog, "today I went to the doctor". That is not my story.

I woke up this morning to a call from my beloved telling me he got up early and put the weed and feed on the grass to kill the clover. Oh and that it took longer than he thought so he had no coffee, no breakfast and he took no lunch (guilt anyone?go ahead I hate to eat alone). And one more thing, his car was out of gas, he had no time to stop so...he took my van.

The a/c in his car is not working. It only needs freon but I have not taken it. Did I mention that it is July? Great.

He forgot about my appointment but remembered the clover. What is that 1 for 2? Corey had to work at 2, the appointment was in the city at 1. I called Jen to see about riding with her thereby avoiding the car switcharoo. But her husband remembered he needed to make an appointment, so he made one for her (without telling her) and she ultimately couldn't babysit me though gladly would have otherwise.

Corey nearly insisted I call Susan but I couldn't bring myself to call at the very, very last minute. I probably should not have gone alone. First off I had to go switch cars and in doing so I left my purse in the Chevy Sauna, I mean Cavalier, Steve's car. I got 10 miles away before realizing it, calling him and going back. I was a little late but I called from my dying cell phone and they let me keep the appointment.

The doctor was nice, thorough. This was the neuro appt. She said I should find out if MS has been entered in any of my official records and that it is best if it is not. She said she would not be writing it down, and instead used the medical terms for the symptoms. She said it was a possibility, as is neuropathy, growth of the tumor in the corpus callosum, or residual damage from the aneurysm. She also could not rule out multiple issues. She said I need a couple tests.

Mom - if you click on the words (couple tests) it's a link to webmd that explains them better. Jen assures me they sound worse than they are and told me I should read no further. I stopped on page two 'bout half way in. Don't worry she would not steer me wrong, but then she is a tougher cookie than me...I am more like a soft batch.

Whatever is going on with my body I believe, no, I know, God is in control. He has allowed this into my life and He will bring good from it if I allow Him. I don't believe I can do childcare any longer and I am not certain how I will compensate for the change in our income this fall. It is more disposable income than anything really but it's disposable income that gives us some luxuries to which we have grown accustomed. I will keep Alex however, we are all very attached to her and feel like she is an extension of our family, she is no trouble and it's part time.

I am deeply in prayer about what God has in store for me. This door is closing but I believe it is so that He might direct my path in a new direction. I am so hesitant to say this aloud but... I am considering submitting some of my writing or publishing a few things on my own. Nothing is fully prepared. Is this where I am being called? I don't know.

I do know that I have seen difficult times before and I treasure every one of those events for the opportunity they presented in my life. The truth is, the greatest times in my life are the times in which I learned to lean fully on Christ. Surrendering all to His will, accepting my life however it came. I have learned what His strength feels like when I am fully enveloped in it's comfort. I remember everyday what it felt like to know He was the only thing holding me up.

I saw the cardiologist last week. I have neurocardiogenic syncope. Google it. It means - I faint. DUH! That'll be a $40 co-pay please. She says my blood pressure is too low, and that it sort of bottoms out and I faint. It's worse if I stand too long because it goes to my legs, or if I get hot. It won't kill me and she said increasing my salt intake would help (finally an upside!). She says I have regurgitation in two valves but we will need to do an ECHO to see how bad they are. Did I already post this? I dunno.

Anyway, this medical report has been brought to you by...THAT'S IT! I need a sponsor! Like a Nascar driver. Those pharmacy reps are always trying to get into doc's offices - I need a Nascar suit with spaces for sponsors. A little subliminal messaging. Bingo!

Lastly, I called Dominoes on my way home to drown my worries in cheese. I also broke into the spare bag of Dove Chocolates in my desk. I am sadly down to one DIET root beer.


don't give me grief - it was two slices!!

being out done

I spent a solid week in her room.

Dad spent about 23 seconds clicking on the computer.

I think the Jonas Brothers tickets win easily.

He made a personal sacrifice to cover the ticket price and wanted to do this for her and go with her so what can I say? Except this too is a birthday present!!

She is thrilled to be going to see the Jo Bro's.

I have to tell you this age is so difficult to navigate. Potty training was a cake walk comparatively.

the correct answer is chocolate

Chocolate may be the best cure for what ails me tonight.

I'm about 65% certain that I am having PMS. Steve is 110% certain. These are the worst PMS symptoms I have had in about 2 decades - I feel really, for loss of a better term, icky.

Before I subject my husband, children or anyone else who has the misfortune to cross my path tonight I am going to bed.

Oh that doesn't mean I am finished blogging for the night, we'll see.

Going to the dogs

I think my dogs are trying to tell me something. I have three labs. They keep laying in configurations on the floor that seem to form letters. I think they are making a "P". I think they want pizza. I think they want Dominoes pizza. I think they want ham and pineapple hand tossed...that is a great idea!

Am I susceptible to the power of suggestion?

They could be making letters but then again Maggie's very young and can't spell and Jack, well he isn't that bright.

I better just eat what's in the crock pot. They could be trying to tell me to shower...PU ??

Home sweet home

I love my house. Now sometimes it is a love-hate relationship but it is love most of the time.

I love my house because it houses my family, it is a reflection of me and things I love, and it is secured by my husband's selfless work. If it is not "everything I want in a house, it's only because it's full potential is still a work in progress. Much like me.

In every room, every nook, every wall, I know what I want to see there. Working in the house is a joy to me. I thrive on the satisfaction of a job well done, a project completed. I rarely get overwhelmed by the number of unfinished projects. It is only when I am doing nothing that this happens. When I am chipping away at it, I feel the progress and the changes inspire me further.

I painted the deck today and I am so happy with how it is coming along - how it will look when I am finished that I can barely contain myself. It needs a second coat, touch ups, etc. But it is such a dramatic, fantastic improvement!

The cost here again was very inexpensive:

2 gallons exterior porch paint from Wal-mart - $27.00
No-skid grit addictive from Lowe's $5
Not wanting to stab myself in the eye with a fork everytime I look at the deck ...priceless.

The other painting supplies are a given as I have enough of those to start my own business!

I tweaked the classroom a little today too and went through the bookshelves and next is a thorough cleaning. I realized again how much I really love the space. It has everything we need, I enjoy being in here. I think the kids do too which is very important. It's one element in the "atmosphere" that is crucial to a successful homeschool program - a comfortable, appropriate space. It need not be large or fancy. In fact of the 5 desks in my classroom - 2 were freecycle, 2 were yard sale and one was purchased new. The large white shelf was free, the corkboards were goodwill.

I truly believe the best room designs contain a healthy mixture of higher end, quality pieces and the rest of the space can be done with cost effective, warm pieces you can do yourself. I say that not only because I LOVE to paint and do crafty thingys (Steve tells people -don't stand still for long she will slap some primer on and give you stripes!) but because I heard it on tv and everything on tv is true.

It's 8:23pm WHEW! After our AWOL meeting, I came home changed at went to Wal-mart, they missed me.

I had some food, painted the deck, stopped to let it dry, worked in the classroom, picked up the house, swam with the kids and worked on the deck some more. Lather, rinse repeat 3 times. Wait I didn't EAT that many times - nevermind.

What was the point? (As if you could even remember at this juncture) I love the deck? No I love my house and I painted the deck. Yep that's the ticket!


I picked out the paint colors for the bedroom too. The master bedroom project is still a little ways off but I want to begin hunting for and collecting the pieces to complete it. I will look for the very best buys and the design will unfold from there. It will involve a little sewing but not too much.

Happy Birthday Honey!

Today is Steve's birthday.

I have to take some time to share what I really want to say. For now...


I love you. You made me want to be better person and I can't imagine my life without you. You are a loving, handsome, wonderful man with a great sense of humor. You are the best dad ever, even if you are the marshmellow parent most of the time. The love you have for us shines through. I hope you felt loved today. We love you and thank God for you!

Your wife,

Focusing on Corey

Okay so where was I? Oh yeah focusing.

For Corey in his senior year (so far):

Apologia Chemistry
Video Text Interactive Geometry/Trig/Pre-Cal Program
Government - The Federalist Papers, American Gospel, Customized Study
Economics - can't recall off hand the publisher!
American History WWI-Present - William Bennett - America: The Last Best Hope Vol. II
Music & Art Appreciation - Bluegrass, Jazz/ Monet & Renior
Report & Essay Writing
Philosophy - Marietta McCarty Book Little Big Minds (adapted)
Greek Roman Mythology
Classic Literature
Oral Presentations/Speech
Term Papers
Grammar/Sentence Structure/Vocabulary (for SAT prep)

I'm considering SWIC for Spanish and for an additional English or Creative Writing Course - we'll see :)

I can elaborate more as the planning firms up. I will be teaching nearly all these subjects which do not list a specific publisher from a list of living books. For example debating will encompass the election, a Bill O'Reilly Book, and a John Stossel Book to name a two. We will also discuss and debate ideas in the classic lit reading as well.

It is from these books and their science book that I pull all their vocabulary words. It does take a little time. Not gonna kid you but it is so worth it to know they are understanding what they are reading. Oh and there is a link on my blog which includes a link to spelling and vocab based on many great books. I sit down, flip through the book and underline the words. Every 15-20 words are the vocab list including reviewing previous words. Typing them up takes very little time. The kids look them, copy them, use them in sentences, do additional exercises when available from external resources like the website, and then text on Friday.

The computer programs are the easiest to do, just have to pick a teaching program and it does the rest.

We should be able to begin full time schooling on Monday, and the kids should be ready to begin the new year in September. We have no further breaks until Labor Day.

I'm still tweaking and evaluating but I am pleased with what I have and what we can accomplish together.

I will still have the lesson planning to do and I expect that will take quite a bit of time but I know what I have to plan and that in itself is a huge step.


I hope I get this right now...

Third time's charmed?

I have written two drafts and I cannot express this correctly!

I am and have been for weeks very focused on um...focusing. It seems the more I try to focus sometimes the more difficult it is to do so but when I put myself on auto-pilot I breeze along fairly well. I work very well under pressure most of the time. Afterwards is when I crash typically. My favorite times in playing sports were when games came down to the wire.

Did you ever see the game on the Price is Right where the contestants would run around and put the prices on the items then pull the lever and check their progress? I do that a lot. My current focus mission is school and how to overcome very specific areas that became problematic in years past- like being out of the house too much.

I don't like to run around and though I am social and sanguine I prefer the comfort and relative peace of my home to a hectic schedule. I am only willing to give up one day a week for volleyball this year. As much as I might waiver or feel drawn to opportunities to see our dear friends (let's be honest my friends) we will not do the co-ops or other activities that take us away from school unless and until the children and I can prove that we can truly get the job done and only if we can find a way to have calm in the storm of it all.

So rather than go on I will stop there. This is as coherent as I have been able to be about these thoughts so far and I don't want to mess it up by over-thinking it.

We must do school. Getting my kids to heaven, giving them the education they deserve, and running my home well are the only priorities - all things must be weighed in the light of those core goals without excuses.

A mommy moment remembered

I was telling Taylor about a mommy moment tonight as we chatted about her brother and sister-in-law and their recently announced pregnancy. She will be an aunt and she is very excited.

I was telling her about when I was pregnant with William and went in for my bi-monthly exam...

She had been playing in bed with me that morning after I showered. We sat in her bed and chatted.

While I laid in the "exam position" the doc said, "umm... I need to just..."

And with that she pulled a Disney Princess sticker off my butt.

ah, motherhood

It's always something

I was busily working away to make up ground from my hyper focus on Taylor's room. When the dentist called at 1:05. "Mrs. McCarty did you forget Taylor had an appt at 1:00?


missing my books

I miss my books.

Of the many losses during Hurricane Katrina, three stung the most. 1) All our photos - all my baby pictures, my wedding album, and our entire photographic history. 2) My grandmothers quilts and other heirlooms, home made Christmas ornaments and 3) My library.

The first two cannot be replaced and I will feel their absence forever I'm afraid. As my memory fades and I have no photos to remind me of how my mother looked when I was born, or when she held her grandson for the first time. ouch.

But the books...

I know lots of you love books too. So maybe you will understand?

I did not finish college. I had a family to raise and since I still do, the time required to finish has never been a sacrifice I was willing to make. But like many of my heroes I am a committed student nonetheless, my education is ongoing alive and well.

Instead of displaying a neatly framed diploma which verified for the world my education, I had only my books. They weren't for effect. I had read them, many more than once, scribbled notes in the margins, and loved them till their spines creased and the pages were dog-eared. I rarely read fiction, still don't. So my shelves were filled with books about the things I truly love. Faith, the Catholic Church, everything Scott and Kimberly Hahn had written (and autographed), Nearly all the works of CS. Lewis, Tolkien, T.S Elliot, Thomas Keating, books of the saints and so so much more. I had books from all the political pundits including my favorites from this category the autographed books Sean Hannity sent me after I spoke with him on his radio show. I had all the Presidential biographies I love including my two favorites John and Abigail Adams. I had Jane Austin, poetry, art, and many of the great books (not first editions or anything) just books.

I could go on and on. I lost 7 years of homeschooling resources, carefully gathered and selected, annotated and lovingly prepared. I lost all my personal growth books, that helped me overcome every obstacle in my life.

I would look over those books with a deep sense of accomplishment and even pride. Those shelves held my education. It was an education I gained at the feet of some of the greatest minds that have ever lived. I owned it, I had done it for myself, by myself.

I cried a flood the day I sat in my yard sifting through the ruined photos, moldy quilts and books that had turned to little more than mush.

At the bookstore last night, I held back tears as I gathered books I used to own and sat in the coffee shop turning their pages. It was like visiting an old friend. I miss them.

I have said in the almost 3 yrs since the storm that I would not try to replace them all. But I think now, I have changed my mind. Later this week I will wade through the box with all the FEMA papers and find the claim forms where I listed every single book I lost. I was compensated less than a dollar each, yard sale prices. (As if I could find these at yard sales - Harlequin's sure!)

Then, I think I will make a new list and slowly, with the help of half.com, I will replace them a couple at a time. It will be like a reunion. It will restore a part of me that still feels stung by the losses.

(This walk down memory lane, brought to you by the need to create a Government course for Corey, now with only the aid of my memory.)

Peace of the Lord be with you!

a necessary skill?

When we returned home last night we learned we were locked out of the house. Corey had one of my door keys, and we never got it copied. Steve left his keys at home. Corey's were inside too. No windows were open. We could get in the garage but not the house.

Steve was a grump, grumbling about getting a hotel for the night (which might have been cheaper than getting a locksmith at midnight on the Fourth of July). William (mini-Steve) was doing the "what will do? will we sleep in the garage? will we break a window? and on and on...and ON!"

I tried to tune them both out and set to work on the lock. I should say I have never broken into anything that didn't need breaking into, oh and I never committed a crime for clarification. But I have a knack for picking locks and breaking into things - cars, houses, a safe once or twice. I broke into the house with a credit card, a barrette and a pair of scissors. Steve was, as he often is in our marriage, stunned. He kept going back to the door looking at it, asking how I did it.

Now you know why I have an alarm

Pam Stenzel - must see videos

I saw this wonderful speaker on the DC trip. I love, love, love what she is doing!! Please take a minute and watch. For the other AWOL moms, don't you think we need this video for the group? Girls, then boys night to watch it with parents? Maybe??

Aldi rocks!

I made a big trip to Aldi today and I had so much fun. I actually enjoy grocery shopping. Unloading them, not so much. But I really love shopping when I save $$$.

I left with two fully loaded carts, for a total of $211.93.

Some of my favorite deals...

Peppers -green red, yellow - $1.60 each (2.88 @ Wal-mart)
Olive Oil- $3.69 ($5.47 @ WM)
French Fries - $1.39
Fuji Apples - $.59/lb
Strawberries - $.99
Lg Generic Sunny D - $1.79
Mac & Cheese - $.35

I ran errands for 3 hours. I decided to take a break and sit after I got the cold items put away. I took out my grocery receipts from the last two months and compared item for item. I have done at least 3 Wal-mart grocery trips because I was there for other things, and so I had lot of the items we buy most to compare. I estimate I saved nearly $60.00. Which is exactly what it cost to fill my gas tank today. Both stores are close so gas expense doesn't really factor into the cost.

I have learned that every Aldi is different, in that they carry different products. I have switched over to a larger Aldi and I am very happy. There are still several items I buy elsewhere - red meats, bananas, my yogurt, coffee, root beer and a few others. But the bulk of my shopping can be done there.

I really enjoy browsing through Dierbergs. It's a lovely store, with samples and every section marketed to be tempting and appealing but I suffer extreme sticker shock when I look at the prices.

For our family, especially given the tight economy and the gas prices, we are an Aldi family.

Having it all

So my Arbonne party was so much fun. I am so glad I did it! I am getting the most incredible products!! gush-gush-gush!! Time has met it's match. I am putting the brakes an aging, at least on my face. The rest of my body might well fall apart before the summer like my air conditioner, but I will LOOK young.

Again we went till about 10:00 pm eating cake and enjoying girl talk. I think other people had cake?? This was part of my balancing act, time with the girls, time for myself, taking care of myself.

Before I forget- you know the a/c man tried repairing the air with something called a hard start kit (G - behave!) anyway he said essentially the compressor was fried and if it could get started it could run but it needed a kick, a boost to get it going. I said, "you mean like coffee?" I get that. He ignored me.

In the end of course even the new kit didn't work. Those men never did try coffee in replace of freon. I digress into the a/c post again, sorry!

The two big kids left for a visit back home today. While they are away I hope to continue to polish off more of my projects. I hope I will be posting pics of the finished works soon. So here is my list.

School Planning
Painting, re-organizing and cleaning out the garage
Paint and repair the deck
Taylor's room - complete makeover (paint, sew bedding, decorate, new curtains)
Paint the hall trim
Paint the downstairs bathroom
Change 4 light fixtures
Master Algebra II
Paint my Adirondack chairs
Plan the volleyball league
Take Williams to Six Flags
Add a child to daycare (temporarily)

and don't lose any ground anywhere else.

Does that seem lofty? I need a nap. Look, if I aim high and only finish 3 things, that would still be good right? The goal is not to complete these tasks at the sacrifice of my daily responsibilities or enjoying my summer with my family and friends. Because frankly even if I finished them all, new projects will take their place. Time with the ones you love cannot be replaced.

If I died tomorrow, scratch that, next week, I'd have nothing to wear if I died tomorrow. If I died, unexpectedly, I would want to know that the last week of my life would have represented a healthy balance and snapshot of my life. That's my plan for getting in balance, week by week, fitting it all in, having it all. At least all I want.


PS - Hey G you realize then we have the same initials! If we ever want to split a monogramming order we are set!

do you hear it? Taps, playing softly in the background?

So here he is. The old a/c unit. It's a he because he quit when the going got tough (hot weather).

To all of you who told me, "well at least it's not too hot". I just want to say...spoken like someone who has conditioned air! I am kidding!! geez lighten up.

You'll have to cut me some slack I spent all day yesterday in my bra with an ice pack around my neck. Okay, that's an exaggeration. I don't own an ice pack.

Really if you can't figure out what part of this post is the joke and what part isn't you need to hang out with me A LOT more.

Today it's cool as cucumber. All kidding aside, thanks be to God for giving me the resources to have the amazing luxury of a/c. I feel very blessed, oh and comfortable.

Chillin' out, Robin