Reason #5 "Why I love Homeschooling"

"Why I love Homeschooling"

Reason #5
I get to be what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I wanted to be everything, truly I did and that was no small order. A teacher, a singer, a nurse, a hair dresser, a barber, a decorator, a chef, a secretary, an artist, and a mommy just for starters. I wanted to coach sports, volunteer for charity, protest abortion, and work in political campaigns. I wanted to write, and read everything. To review movies, and books and bad hair cuts. I wanted to put out fires, (and I have - real ones - twice). I wanted to be a vet, a groomer, a contractor, and a subcontractor. I wanted to serve my country. I wanted lots of pens and paper, and stickers. I remember being very young and just loving office supplies. Colored paper clips, staplers -so cool. I wanted to stay in Kindergarten ( I have now gotten to do Kindergarten 3 times).

This dream of mine has been fulfilled by pouring my whole heart into raising and homeschooling my children and living out my vocation as a wife and mother to the very best of my abilities. God knew how best to fulfill all my dreams, He made me a mommy.


(don't look for reasons 1-4. 5 is my favorite number so I am starting with it:)

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